This $16 Tool Instantly Upgrades Inexpensive Wine

When you want that prized vintage in your wine cellar to live up to its fullest potential (and price tag), chances are that you need to let it breathe once it's open. Most full-bodied reds benefit from aeration, where volatile compounds evaporate and oxidize and leave behind aromatic and smooth sips.

Decanting is one way to open up your bottle’s flavors, but the delicate containers can take up to half an hour to work. Hand-held aerators are a faster option, but they can be cumbersome, and they often drip easily. So instead, thousands of Amazon shoppers have turned to a speedier, splash-free alternative: Vintorio’s Wine Aerator Pourer.

Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer: Sillo

To buy: $16;

The simple but effective gadget combines the performance of a hand-held aerator with the convenience of a pourer, allowing wine lovers to improve and serve their favorite bottles in seconds. The Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer is designed with a large aerating chamber and three air holes to draw in oxygen, while a flow regulator plate infuses wine with just the right amount of air.

Plus, the tool has several features to prevent spills and splatters. Its ribbed rubber gasket seal is leak-proof and fits into any bottle, while a notched pouring spout reduces the chance of splashes. What’s more, the pourer is angled at 150 degrees, so it’s easy to serve from any angle.

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The tool is one of Amazon’s best-selling wine pourers, and it jumped in popularity by 596% in the retailer’s kitchen department this week. Thousands of shoppers swear by the hybrid aerator-pourer, saying it noticeably improves wine's flavor and aroma.

“I am a new convert,” one wrote. “My wife and I did a blind taste test, and it was unbelievable! It really does change the flavor and smoothed out the wine.”

Another added, “This little miracle can turn most any $10 bottle of red wine into a $40 experience.”

Others say they love that the pourer cuts down on spills, with one writing, “There's no excess dripping from the lip. Usually I keep a napkin or something to wipe the edge after pouring, but there's no need for it with this.”

With a $16 price tag, the Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer is an affordable way to enhance the flavors of your favorite bottles. Add it to your cart now to perfect your next pour.

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