‘They don’t get bendy’: Genius hack to keep carrots fresh and revive wilted ones

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Content creator Becca Murray responded to a message from a bemused fan who asked: “I’m sorry, you store your carrots HOW?!” The content creator elicited shock from her fans when she told them she stores her carrots in water.

“I store my carrots in water? Is that not normal? Is that not normal now? I’m confused,” she said.

The photographer has 360.2k followers on her TikTok account @thebeccamurray. 

She shares recipes on her account, as well as food and fashion tips and tricks.

She went on: “This is how I’ve always been taught to store my carrots.

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“When you get them you can just cut them up and put them in water.

“That will keep them crispy so they don’t get bendy, you know.

“Sometimes you get carrots that are a little bit bendy and they’re not particularly crispy.

“If I’m roasting them or something it doesn’t matter, but if you’re going to be eating them raw I want them to have a nice crunch.

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“If I’m going to be eating them raw then just cut them up and put them in water and they’ll crisp up.

“I put them in there when they were a little bit wilted and then they crisped up and plumped up in the process because they absorbed the water and they got crispy.”

How to store carrots

When storing carrots in the fridge, make sure to remove all green spots and leaves before putting them in the fridge.

Keep them in the vegetable drawer at the bottom of the fridge, ideally lined with kitchen paper.

Keeping veggies on kitchen paper helps to keep them fresh by absorbing extra moisture.

It is wise to change the paper out frequently to prolong freshness.

Carrots can be stored in water for up to three weeks, although they can become slimy if kept in water for too long.

Otherwise, you can soak carrots in water when you get them home before storing them in an airtight container in the fridge.

Another food storage hack will help prevent your milk from going off. 

The hack was created by food photographer Jess Moses, who has 18.4k followers on her TikTok.

Jess said: “This milk hack is going to change your life. Save your milk from going bad.”

She poured her milk into an ice tray and left it in her freezer. She then dispensed the frozen lumps of ice and put them in a plastic sandwich bag.

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