These New Unicorn Morsels Just Made Baking Way More Fun

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Unicorn products have really been killing it in the baking aisle this year. Back in April, Duncan Hines dropped their brilliant, purple Perfect Size for 1 Unicorn Cookies and Pudding cups. Then, earlier this week Pillsbury joined the party with their Unicorn Funfetti upgrade. Now, Nestle’s coming in hot with the release of their Unicorn Morsels, Best Products reports. 

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“Add a MAGICAL twist to your everyday treats,” the product description reads. “Bake into your favorite cookies and brownies or top pancakes and cupcakes with our colorful morsels to bring unicorn wonder to your creation.” We think they’d ann an extra touch of tasty magic to our Unicorn Snack Bars or Unicorn Poop Bark, but they’d also make a fun surprise in a non-unicorn treat, like a batch of blondies or oatmeal cookies. 

The pink-and-blue swirled morsels are vanilla-flavored, and a bag runs for $2.97. So far, it looks like the only place you can grab them is Walmart, which is a bummer since they’re already sold out. For now, you can get on the waiting list for Walmart’s restock alert or scour the internet for some upcharged, already-purchased goods. 







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