The Hardware Store Item That's Secretly Great for Plating Desserts

There’s nothing wrong with eating a brownie or a cookie straight from the pan they were cooked on, or even just nestled on a napkin. But every now and then you might want to get a little bit fancy with your dessert. Maybe it’s a birthday or a holiday, or just a dinner party where you want to put in a little extra for your guests. Maybe you’re just in the mood to be fancy with your pie, and I’m not here to stop you.

Pastry chefs have all kinds of tricks to make a dessert look beautiful and artistic, and more than a slice of German Chocolate Cake plonked onto a plate. But one tool in their asrsenal is so simple, you probably have it on hand in your house already. That tool is painter’s tape, the kind that you can easily take off of a surface once you’re done using it. I have some on hand in my kitchen anyway to help label my leftovers and prevent a semi-monthly game of “what’s that weird thing in the freezer.” 

Easy never tasted so awesome.

This trick works best if you have some kind of sauce that you want to drizzle or paint onto your plate before putting, say, a slice of cake or pie on it. Maybe it’s a caramel sauce or a raspberry puree or some chocolate syrup straight out of the bottle. Whatever it is, all you need to do is stick down a line or two of painters tape and then drizzle or paint the sauce over it howver you want. Peel up the painters tape and it’ll take excess sauce off with it, giving you an artsy looking plate. You can try it in different patterns and shapes if you want, or even use it as a way to corral a dusting of confectioner’s sugar on the plate. It’ll make things look fancy, even though it’s the same tool you might use to protect your ceiling from paint splatter. 

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