The Best Spatulas to Buy In 2020

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Behind every good cook is a good spatula (that’s how the saying goes, right?). The trouble is, all spatulas aren’t created equal—so you really should do your research before you commit to one that may or may not be what you’re expecting. 

We scoured the internet for the best spatulas on the market. Our picks? New Star Food Service Spatula and OXO Good Grips Fish Turner are the best all-purpose spatulas available. We also found the best silicone, solid, and offset varieties you can buy. 

But before we get into all that, here’s a crash course on all things spatula: 

Types of Spatulas

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Most spatulas fall into two categories: turners and non-turners. Let’s break it down:  


These spatulas are for, well, turning. Use them to flip foods like pancakes and burgers so they are evenly cooked on both sides. Slotted turners, good for draining liquid and handling delicate foods, are probably what you imagine when you picture a spatula. You can also buy perforated turners with little holes in them (for draining grease and other liquid) or solid turners, which have no holes. Use solid turners for anything that doesn’t involve draining. 


Non-turner spatulas aren’t used to turn foods over. Instead, they’re made for mixing, spreading, scooting, and scraping. Silicone or rubber spatulas are essential for bakers and scrambled egg makers. They’re more flexible than other spatula types, so you can easily scrape the sides and bottoms of mixing bowls and reach into nooks and crannies that you wouldn’t be able to access with spatulas made from other materials. An offset spatula, meanwhile, is smaller than other varieties. Use this for frosting and spreading. 

Best Spatulas of 2020 At a Glance

  • Best All-Purpose Spatulas: New Star Food Service Spatula and Good Grips Fish Turner
  • Best Silicone Spatula: Le Creuset Craft Series Spatula
  • Best Basic Slotted Turner: OXO Stainless Steel Turner
  • Best Solid Turner: Anolon Solid Turner
  • Best Offset Spatula: Ateco Stainless Steel Offset Icing Spatula

Best All-Purpose Spatula(s) 

It’s a tie! We couldn’t pick between the Good Grips Fish Turner and the New Star Food Service Spatula. Both of these options are durable, affordable, extremely versatile, and all-around useful in all areas of the kitchen. 

You’ll notice that both of these spatulas are fish turners. There’s a reason for that: If you only own one kind of spatula, let it be this one. Fish spatulas aren’t just for seafood, though they are perfect for slipping under delicate fillets. 

No, they exist somewhere between the realms of turners and non-turners—the fish spatula’s angled shape, thin edge, and handle-to-head ratio makes it ideal for all sorts of cooking tasks. Use this baby to flip pancakes at breakfast, toss roasted vegetables at lunch, gently handle delicate fish at dinner, and scrape cookies off a sheet pan at dessert. 

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Good Grips Fish Turner

OXO Fish Spatula

Buy it! OXO, $13.99

This tool’s 4.9-star rating on Google speaks for itself (who was the one, impossible-to-please person who didn’t love OXO’s take on a classic fish spatula?!). 

“Wow! I recommend this to everyone as "the,” if I can have only one, spatula to possess,” one reviewer says. “It is perfect for lifting a tenderly cooked egg, flipping pancakes, turning hamburgers, chops, and sauteing vegetables in metal pans. Firm enough to lift, yet mildly flexible to coax crispy crusted foods from an unyielding surface.”

“I absolutely love this spatula,” raves another. “Better than any I've had before. I use mine all the time for almost everything. Definitely a must-have for any cook.”

New Star Food Service Spatula

Fish Spatula

Buy it! Wayfair, $20.99

This commercial-grade spatula is an absolute steal for the price. Its stiff-yet-flexible design makes it incredibly easy to use, while its thin, beveled head effortlessly slips underneath even the most delicate fillets. 

“I use this thing for almost everything,” a 5-star review explains. “Chopping up ground beef, flipping burgers, stirring pasta, and even stirring cornbread. Works better than a wire whisk. It's easy to clean and fairly stiff. (I) bought another one.”

“I use it more than any other spatula,” says another. “Perfect for eggs, pancakes, stir-fry veggies, grilled cheese. And, of course, for fish. Cleans super easy—I rarely bother putting it in the dishwasher. The handle should be rubbed with oil when you first get it, and once in a while after that, but otherwise, great tool at a great price.”

Best Silicone Spatula

Le Creuset Craft Series Spatula

Silicone Spatula

Buy it! Wayfair, $18.34 (was $22.99)

If you’re a baker, you must have at least one good silicone or rubber spatula. This one from Le Creuset stands up to the heaviest batters and cleanly scrapes the sides of mixing bowls, pots, and pans with ease. 

“This is a heavy duty, high-heat spatula (meaning it isn’t a thin piece of silicone). It is made to last and works great for scraping and stirring,” a review says. “It is a must have in my kitchen. A quality piece you will love.”

“The perfect spatula,” says another, succinctly. “It’s not flimsy like the cheaper ones. I love it.”

Best Basic Slotted Turner

OXO Stainless Steel Turner

OXO Slotted Spatula

Buy it! OXO, $7.99 (was $9.99)

If you’re on the market for a basic, stainless steel spatula, your search ends here. Cheap and durable, this no-nonsense tool gets the job done—whether you’re flipping pancakes or hamburgers.

“This item is a game changer when trying to break down ground meat to prepare a chili, etc,” according to one review. “I used to use a fork, and that was so tedious, and hurt my hand/fingers/wrist. With this item, I can get any type of ground meat into the size pieces that I want (which is generally kinda small), whether it's ground beef, chicken, or turkey. So much more efficient, less time consuming, and very effective. I have problems with my hands, so I appreciate this device for helping me cook without causing me pain.”

“Switched to stainless cookware, and needed something sturdy enough to use,” says another 5-star review. “I've always loved the OXO Good Grips products. This one is just another "love" in the product line.”

Best Offset Spatula

Ateco Stainless Steel Offset Icing Spatula

Offset Spatula

Buy it! Bed Bath & Beyond, $8.99

Adding the finishing touches to your gorgeous cakes, pies, and pastries is unbelievably easy with this simple 6-inch tool. It’s sturdy, but just flexible enough to spread icing beautifully. 

“Spreads icing on cakes easily and especially on sheet cakes,” one 5-star reviewer says of this spatula. “Also great for cupcakes or anytime you need to add a smooth even layer of curd, meringue or any filling.”

“My new favorite tool,” says another. “I use this for everything from spreading mustard on sandwiches to icing a 3-layer cake. Great feel and look.”

Best Solid Turner

Anolon Solid Turner

Solid Spatula

Buy it! Wayfair, $11.99 (was $13.99)

This heat-resistant, non-stick, and dishwasher-safe solid spatula is as durable as it is versatile. Reach for this when you need to flip, but not drain. 

“Well made, good grip and a nice beveled edge that slips under food easily,” one reviewer raves. 

Other customers said they were so impressed, they ordered more again: “Great turner, not too flexible which I like. Ended up buying three.”

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