The 10 Most Popular Pumpkin Recipes Right Now, According to Google

Forget the weather, forget the calendar, the proof of the changing of the seasons is in the Google trend reports. Always a treasure trove of data, the company mines search terms to get a finger on the pulse of what the country is looking for. We already know that the answer is pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin, but just how will everyone be eating all that pumpkin spice this year? That’s what Google’s data uncovered for us: the top 10 pumpkin recipe searches of the last thirty days.

The top answer is, perhaps, the most obvious: people want to make their own pumpkin spice latte at home. Sure, Starbucks’s version is great, but that requires putting on the ol’ outdoor clothing, and when the fall weather moves in, who wants to do that?

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Second most popular is a classic, an icon of fall food: pumpkin spice cake. But it’s after that we start to see current diet trends creeping in: the number four and five most popular pumpkin recipe searches of the last month are keto pumpkin bread followed by keto pumpkin cheesecake. And at number seven is keto pumpkin muffins.

Whether it’s keto or traditional, people still love to bake with pumpkin: there are pumpkin cakes at number five, pumpkin cheesecake bars at number eight, and pumpkin waffles at number nine. Coming in tenth place is pumpkin butter, which isn’t exactly baking, but it sure goes well on plenty of baked goods, so it seems to fit the trend.

That leaves our outlier, the good sixth place. It has nothing to do with baking, but everything to do with the wild world of viral internet products: that’s the famous, infamous, pumpkin Spam. And before you write it off as weird, Kitchn actually got to try it and it was… actually kind of delicious? But please, confirm this rumor for yourself.

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