Tesco brings back ‘extremely rare’ sell out product – in stores today

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Tesco updates and changes its stock often, offering customers products across a range of different categories, from homeware to food. One of its latest products, on sale today, is a fruit that has proven to be very popular among shoppers.

Britons will today be able to get their hands on an avocado that is available only at Tesco stores.

The avocado is a “monster” version of the popular fruit as it is 10 times the size of a regular one.

The product is aptly named the “Avozilla”.

Reintroduced to its stock today, the last time the unique avocado was on sale was in 2020.

Last year, the Avozilla sold out in less than a week.

Grown from only a few trees in South Africa, the product is available for only a few weeks each year.

The avocado is good value for money as it contains up to 10 servings but costs only £4.

Described as “the king of avocados” by Tesco, the product weighs a whopping 1.5kg.

Tesco recommended keeping the avocado at room temperature and ripening it home for four to five days before it is ready to eat.

It is also best to wash the fruit before use.

Katalin Varnai, Tesco chilled salad and avocado buyer, said: “Back by popular demand, the Avozilla is guaranteed to keep people talking year after year.

“The natural monster fruit is extremely rare and comes from just a relatively small number of trees grown by one of the world’s biggest suppliers of avocados in South Africa.”

Ms Varnai added: “We know how much the UK likes avocados, so we consider ourselves extremely lucky to be able to offer this treat to our customers.

“We can’t wait to see what deliciously green creations our nation of avocado lovers will rustle up.”

Britons were quick to take to social media to express their opinions about the new avocado this week.

One happy customer wrote: “Omg we need that!”

Another customer simply commented: “Blimey!”

One customer added: “I need these!”

However, not all customers were impressed with the South African fruit.

One shopper wrote: “Ha! I love avocados but the quality has been awful lately. I have no confidence in the quality of Tesco’s ridiculous green grenades.”

Another person added: “Avocados taste of soap and disappointment.”

On person said: “And what’s the carbon footprint of that!”

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