Tea expert shares common mistake people make when preparing the brew – ‘pure tea crime!’

James Martin smokes a trout using Yorkshire tea

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Channel 5 documentary Yorkshire tea v PG Tips: Battle of the Brews revealed some of the secrets behind the UK’s most loved tea brands. But what’s the best way to make a cuppa?

Channel 5 documentary Yorkshire tea v PG Tips: Battle of the Brews asked tea drinkers what is their favourite tea and how they make it.

In order to decide Britain’s ultimate tea champion, the show compared the two top British brands.

Yorkshire Tea has been produced by the Bettys & Taylors Group since 1977.

It is the most popular traditional black tea brand sold in the UK.

The Channel 5 show unveiled Yorkshire Tea had beaten PG Tips selling £105million last year.

In comparison, PG Tips, which is manufactured by Unilever UK, sold £96million.

Some tea drinkers preferred Yorkshire Tea with one saying: “We always buy it, it’s the best!”

However, others disagreed: “For us is PG Tips, it’s liquid gold.”

But how do you make a proper cup of tea?

Some tea lovers said: “Water first. Has to be water first,” with another one saying: “I put the milk first!”

“That’s pure tea crime,” said another tea drinker.

“Never milk first!”

An expert revealed how a proper cuppa should be made.

“Fill the kettle with filtered water, always.

“If you fill it with poor water you will have a poor tea.”

She then recommended covering the tea for a while to keep the flavour.

“Never ever add the milk before removing the teabag,” the expert said.

The tea expert advised never to squash the teabag against the side of the mug.

She explained that by doing that you will get a “bitter taste.”

“Instead you have to wait and let it brew,” she said.

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