Target Is Selling White Chocolate Avocados for Valentine's Day


Let’s get this straight—Valentine’s Day is about two things: candy and puns. It can also be about a fancy dinner (like a great home-cooked steak), but what’s flooding the stores right now? That’s right, punny paper valentines and chocolates, and, if you’re lucky, you’ll find a brilliant mix of both.

The brains behind @targetdoesitagain are pretty much scholars when it comes to this sort of thing, so when they pointed out this white chocolate avocado among notable Valentine’s Day gifts earlier this week, we knew it was a winner. White chocolate may not truly be chocolate, but that doesn’t mean it’s not delicious. The solid white chocolate avocado features a heart-shaped, milk chocolate pit and retails for $5.99. Let’s also not ignore the fantastic Let’s Avo-Cuddle pun on the packaging.

Valentines Day treats! 😋 ❤️#targetdoesitagain

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This product contains soy as well as milk, so make sure whoever you buy it for doesn’t have an allergy. If you’re not on the avocado train, Target has plenty of other adorable and witty options for your beloved, like this tackle box filled with candy, a furry box of beef jerky, and this kind-of-cruel boxed chocolate set for the tool in your life. And if you outright hate puns, you can always get your Valentine a cookie skillet kit.


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