Subway launches sandwich deal and new food items including Dorito nachos

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Subway is the popular sandwich food chain where customers can get tasty lunchtime sandwiches, wraps or salads. However the company is now allowing customers to customise their entire lunch meal as well as adding new items to their menu at incredibly low prices. 

Fans can now turn any six-inch Sub into a wrap or salad as Subway launch their new menu.

The ‘Make Any Sub A Wrap or A Salad’ menu is available in your local sandwich store right now. 

Subway said: “If you’ve ever dreamed of enjoying your Cheesy Pepperoni as a delicious wrap, or an Italian B.M.T.® as a lunchtime salad, all your cravings can now be fulfilled!  

“Subway’s new ‘Make Any Sub A Wrap or A Salad’ menu launch means, for the first time, any six-inch sub filling can now be ordered as a wrap or salad – so fans now have more choice to customise their mealtimes and satisfy their hunger.”

There are also new additions to the food menu too.

Subway has introduced the ultimate meat feast meal which includes the ‘Mega Meat Sub’.

This combines two of the most popular Subway sandwiches including the ‘Meatball Marinara’ and the ‘Italian B.M.T’.

The sandwich is filled with ham, spicy pepperoni, salami and beef meatballs topped with their signature Marinara sauce in any bread you would like.

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For those who don’t fancy a big sandwich can opt for their new nachos that have launched onto the Subway menu. 

The ‘Doritos Flamin’ Hot Nachos’ and the ‘Doritos Lightly Salted Nachos’ are topped with more mozzarella than ever as well as grated cheese. 

The delicious looking new menu items are launched alongside the introduction of the new sustainable salad box packaging.

Originally boxed in plastic, the company has now committed to reducing its single plastic consuming.

This means that they have replaced their plastic salad bowls and lids with a new sustainable cardboard box.

The movement will remove 461 tonnes of single use plastic from its supply chain across the UK and Ireland in the process.

Customers can also choose their sandwich based on the four new categories that Subway has introduced.

The four categories are; Heroes, Legends, Iconics and Classics which means customers can choose their sandwich based on high protein, plant-based or low-fat menu options.

This will make it easier for those with a specific dietary requirement or those who simply want to pick that option. 

Subway said: “Landing in stores nationwide, the exciting new menu options make it easier than ever to explore new flavours and choose from a huge variety of combinations.

“Don’t forget, all of Subway’s subs, wraps and salads can also be upgraded to a meal with the addition of a regular drink and either a cookie or packet of crisps.”

There are also ways to help save money on lunchtime meals including the Subcard and choosing from the Real Deal menu.

You can pick up a Subcard in store or you can download the Subcard App on your smartphone, it is available for IOS and Android.

This will allow you to access exclusive offers as well as racking up points each time you spend in store.

Subway has recently launched a new savers menu with prices starting at 99p.

Items on the original saver menu included hash browns, nachos and cheesy garlic bread all of which can be added to your lunch for just 99p.

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