Starbucks opening hours: When is Starbucks open? Which shops are reopening?

Satrbucks said it had plans to reopen 15 percent of its UK shops in the first phase of its strategy to exit lockdown, which is predominantly centred on Drive Thru stores. The global coffee chain also said it will reopen a “handful of takeaway-only stores” as it continues with preparations for a full reopening. Starbucks closed its doors in March following the Government’s announcement that all non-essential businesses had to shut.

When is Starbucks open? Which shops are reopening?

Starbucks intends on opening 150 of its stores – equalling 15 percent of its overall business in the UK.

You can check which store near you is reopening by using Starbucks’ store locator.

The company said it has been “learning, testing and refining our operational standards every day” behind closed doors.

Starbucks added the reopening plan – which will begin with stores spread across the country – will focus on ensuring the health and wellbeing of its employees and customers.


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Starbucks has already opened some of its stores in other countries, including China and the US.

The firm said it has “taken learnings” from changes to its Chinese operations, where 90 percent of sites are now open, and the US into consideration when opening its British shops.

New safety measures in-store will include regular hand washing for at least 20 seconds, adherence to two-metre social distancing rules, screens at tills and the use of contactless payment only.

Starbucks said its reopening menu will include the chain’s famed range of drinks and limited food items.


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Employees have continued to be paid throughout the closure, and Starbucks said it “will not be accepting any opt-in Government support” during the ongoing crisis.

The experience will be slightly different, however, in light of the pandemic.

You can expect:

  • ‘To-Go’ only model – offered via Drive Thru, takeaway or delivery – minimising partner and customer touch points. All drinks will be served in a to-go paper cup, although we will continue to honour the personal cup discount.

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  • Social distancing will be in place inside our stores along with extra cleaning protocols and precautions, including more frequent cleaning and sanitising of high-contact surface areas and increased hand washing by partners (employees).
  • As a small gesture of gratitude for everything NHS workers have and continue to do, we’re offering a free Tall beverage of their choice at our stores.
  • All stores will be serving a near-complete beverage menu, with everything from Lattes to Cappuccinos, Iced Coffees and Teas to Frappuccinos. Food will also be on offer but with a slightly restricted menu, focussed on our most popular items.

Starbucks UK General Manager Alex Rayne recently shared a letter to UK partners.

The statement read: “During this time, we have been actively engaged with our China and US operations teams as well as operators in Europe who have seen their restrictions ease ahead of ours.

“We have been learning, testing and refining these operational standards every day and have tailored to the specific needs of our Government and healthcare officials.

“You will be able to work safely in our stores. Therefore, it is with confidence I can say that we are now ready to enter our re-opening phase.”

Starbucks’ reopening comes as the number of Pret a Manger stores in the UK has risen to more than 100, while Costa has also opened more than 30 branches for delivery and drive thru.

Greggs has also said it will be trialling a reopening of its bakeries for delivery in the near future.

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