Starbucks ex-employee shares popular menu item to avoid – made with ‘fake flavourings’

TikTok user shares Starbucks' bottled Frappuccino hack

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Starbucks is a huge coffee chain with millions of loyal customers in the UK and across the world. Shabaz Ali, 28, from Lancashire began working for the company back in 2014 and has since made several claims about things he learned during his time behind the counter. 

Taking to TikTok to share his alleged insider knowledge, he explained his experience of working at Starbucks. 

“I was going through training and the manager told me about purposely writing names on the cups wrong for free publicity,” Shabaz suggested. 

“[They also told me] to look out for influencers or younger people who seem the type to make a scene about it on social media, as they’ll definitely post about it.

“I was shocked, as this was probably the reason my name would be spelt wrong in the past.” 

In terms of menu secrets, the ex-employee revealed: “Frappuccino’s don’t have espresso coffee; they have a fake flavour version – so if you want real coffee, you have to ask for an espresso shot.

“I was also told to pretend that something wasn’t in stock if it would hold up a queue. 

“Frappuccinos would usually take a long time to make, so on a busy day, I would tell them some syrups were out of stock or the ice machine was broken. This really shocked me, as I know other companies must do this as well.”

Shabaz went on to explain how customers could get some items free, including drinks. 

“You get a free drink on your birthday if you tell the barista,” he said. 

“At the end of the night, the bakery items need to be thrown out – so if you ask a barista, they might give these away to you.

“Some of this is taken to homeless shelters or given to the homeless, but most stores just bin food waste. If someone is a regular, you can give them syrups and other goodies for free.

“Most food is tried by the staff before it comes out, so always ask for their recommendations. 

“They will also try a combination of all sorts and have their own secret special drinks, so ask them for advice and they’ll always get you what you want.” 

For any customer looking to enjoy their coffee within Starbucks’ surroundings, Shabaz said: “Drip/filter coffee can be refilled for free if you sit in. 

“If you hate your drink, ask for another one, as the barista will always change this for you.

“If you ask for a medium drink, but want it in a large cup, chances are the barista will fill the cup for you because they always make a bit extra – so you get a large drink for free.” 

Shabaz left Starbucks to become a teacher but says he still loves the chain. 

He added: “I still love the company as nothing was extreme and if anything, it’s made me love them more now, as I know more.

“The best advice I’d give, is to have fun – when customers see you having fun, they enjoy it too.

“It’s one of the most fun but stressful jobs and you enjoy all the highs and lows.” 

Starbucks has been contacted for comment.  

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