Snowball drink recipe: How to make the Christmas classic – an Advocaat snowball

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Christmas traditions change from household to household – but one thing that remains a treasured favourite across the nation is the snowball cocktail. You may think this creamy yellow drink is just for your grandmother, but a quick sip will leave you wanting more. And with it being one of the most simple festive tipples to make, it’s a great way to get yourself feeling merry this Christmas time. But how do you make it? Express Food has rounded up some simple recipes and tips.

How to make a snowball cocktail


  • 50ml Advocaat
  • 50ml lemonade
  • Ice
  • Glacé or maraschino cherry


Fill a tall glass with ice.

Pour the Advocaat followed by the lemonade over the ice and stir gently until the glass feels cold.

Stick a cocktail stick through a glacé cheery and balance on the rim of the glass. Then serve!

For some top tips, Warninks Drinks Consultant Charles Roche says: “Pour the lemonade at a consistent speed whilst lightly stirring to emulsify the liquids and retain the lemonade’s carbonation.”

He also said not to use top quality lemonade – instead try something like R Whites which he says has “good carbonation and intense sweetness.”

Another tip is to add 25ml of lime juice or lime cordial to counter the sweetness of the Advocaat.

If adding this zesty ingredient, shake the Advocaat and lime together and pour over ice.

Swirl around the glass until it feels cold and top up with lemonade.

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Or why not try a cheeky alternative to the snowball with this Southern comfort twist?

The Southern Snowball


  • 50ml Southern Comfort
  • 60ml vanilla ice cream
  • 40ml milk
  • Cinnamon


This recipe is easy to make at home, as all you need to do is simply blitz milk, Southern Comfort and vanilla ice-cream together.

Ideally served in a wine glass, pour the mixture over ice.

Add a final dash of cinnamon over the top and your cocktail is complete.

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