Shoppers scrambling for Ninja air fryer which is ‘game changer’

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Shoppers are rushing to get hold of Ninja’s latest air fryer.

The Speedi Rapid Cooker from Ninja Kitchen, which promises to cook an entire meal in under 15 minutes, only became available to buy online today, January 26.

Receiving heaps of praise, demand has been high for the new kitchen appliance, despite its £249.99 price tag.

Those who have had chance to test out the gadget early have hailed it as a “complete game changer” with some shoppers stating that it is definitely worth the money.

Designed to create restaurant-quality meals in under 15 minutes, the Speedi Rapid Cooker and Air Fryer allows home chefs to achieve “multi-textured meals” from their own kitchens, reports Birmingham Live.

Its 10-in-1 functionality makes it “easier than ever before” to cook an entire meal in one pot, with two modes:

  • Rapid Cooker Mode, featuring Steam & Air Fry, Steam & Bake, Steam, and Speedi Meals functions
  • Air Fry Mode, featuring Air Fry, Bake & Roast, Grill, Dehydrate, Sear & Saute, Slow Cook and Sous Vide functions.

The Speedi has a 5.7 litre capacity and can create meals for up to four people at one time.

One shopper on the Ninja website has said the new Speedi was a “complete game changer” for her.

Her review titled “complete game changer” reads: “This is now the best gadget in our kitchen. I am a long time air fryer user, but the fact that this gadget can cook multiple things using different functions at the same time is incredible.

“We have been using the 15 minute Speedi meals function for most meals, and it has performed perfectly every time. A brilliant piece of kit.”

Another shopper said: “Firstly, I love how much you can do with this. I’ve been wanting a Ninja Speedi for ages and I love it. It’s so easy to use and I love how quick it is to make a meal, perfect for making dinner after work.

“So far we’ve used it to make chicken and pasta which has been so quick and easy. It’s also super easy to clean and I like that it’s not bulky!”

Alongside the launch of the Speedi Rapid Cooker and Air Fryer, Ninja Kitchen has also launched the Speedi Meal Builder: a one-stop site full of recipe inspiration for Speedi chefs.

Those who are desperate to get their hands on the new Speedi can sign up for alerts here or shop Ninja’s alternatives on their website here. 

For cheaper alternatives, Amazon also offer a range of air fryers and multi-cookers for a cheaper price.

This Amazon Basics cooker has 15 pre-set menu options, a 5.5 litre capacity and also comes with a recipe book for £75.99.

There’s also this Instant Pot Duo Crisp air fryer which also acts as a slow cooker for £175 and has a 5.7 litre capacity, similar to the Ninja Speedi.

You can explore more cheaper alternatives on their site here.

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