Shopper’s fury as Morrisons ‘didn’t use British meat’ in chicken snack

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A shopper was left furious after discovering a chicken snack he purchased from Morrisons was not 100 per cent British-made.

The man bought a pack of 12 chicken tikka pakoras but was unhappy with the origins of the meat used.

He discovered the meat was from Thailand, despite what he perceived to be company policy that the meat it uses is sourced from the UK.

However, it transpires that the policy relates to Morrisons’ fresh meat and not ready-made snacks or meals, reports Devon Live.

The customer from Paignton, Devon, said: “I was just a little bit gutted to be fair because there’s all this sort of strapline about the fresh meat being only from the UK and obviously there’s total traceability there.

“I mean just to pick up this thing [the chicken tikka pakoras] and I just noticed at home. It was a proper let down. Really big let down.”

He said he did not eat the Pakkoras because the chicken was from Thailand rather than British meat.

The shopper said he believes the 100 per cent fresh British meat policy is misleading.

He said: “I think it’s just, for the British public, it’s that perception.

“You mention British farmers chicken being used to produce something for you and then you mention Thai chicken that’s used in this product to be made then it’s just that instant perception.

“I can’t tell whether there is traceability or not but just for the general public I’m sure they would pretty much have the same feeling.”

When asked whether he thought the product should be pulled from shelves, he said: “I don’t think it should be discontinued because it could potentially be a nice product.

“It’s just about perhaps instead of saving just a few pennies just to have chicken sent all the way over from Thailand to use in that why not use British meat?”

He said the environmental impact of importing meat from around the world is also an issue.

The man, who owns a shop, said he tried his best to use everything from the UK and as locally as possible.

He said: “That does cost me more but it’s one of those. I try and do it so why can’t other people start doing it a bit more.”

A spokesperson from Morrisons responded to the issues the man raised.

They said: “All Morrisons-branded fresh meat and everything on our butchers’ counters is 100 per cent British.”

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