Shake Shack's New Kits Bring Summer Camp to You


This is probably the worst summer to be a parent in recent history. Kids have been cooped up inside for months, and any remotely sensible summer camp is essentially shut down. While all this family time is a rare and precious opportunity, any parent who says they haven’t run out of ways to keep their kids entertained— especially now that virtual “school” is out — is absolutely lying.

For parents in a fix who want ready-made activities to keep their kids busy, maybe turning to Shake Shack(?!) is the answer. Danny Meyer’s upscale take on fast food recently launched a Shack Camp Box, available on their site for $79. Rather than a jumbo-sized order of Burgers, Shakes, and Fries that can put your kids in a food coma, the Camp Box is “a curated box of supplies for six weeks of summer camp fun,” filled with all sorts of knick knacks, DIY craft supplies, and other reusable Shake Shack paraphernalia.

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So what can kids and parents do once they pop open this box? Potential activities include building your own lemonade stand (thanks to a lemon reamer, cocktail stirrer, and cups), making ice cream sundaes (with sprinkles, ice cream scoop and custard cups), doing arts and crafts party (with paint, powdered dye, beads, rubber bands, and more), putting on a performance with included costume items, or just fighting the ultimate water balloon fight. With a little creativity, there’s enough here to keep even the most hyperactive kids busy with nary a screen in sight. Of course, Shack Shack’s IGTV will also help overwhelmed parents make the most of the box through a series of videos beginning on July 13.

Beyond keeping your own family sane, the Shack Camp Box also helps other kids out, too. A consortium consisting of Uber Eats, Goldbelly and Oreo in addition to Shake Shack will donate $75,000 to The Fresh Air Fund, which aims to help young, underprivileged New Yorkers whose summer programs have been cut amid the pandemic.

If all that wasn’t enough to get conscientious parents to sign on already, the Box also comes with $75 worth of Shake Shack coupons and offers. Even if the Shack Camp Box can’t live up to its promise of supplying six weeks of summer camp fun, you’re effectively paying $4 to keep your kids entertained for a little while. Sounds like a pretty reasonable deal to me.



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