Secrets of Burger King: How it makes the Whopper look bigger – ‘cheekiness’

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Burger King is one of the UK’s most popular food chains and one of McDonald’s main competitors. But how does it stand out against the competition?

According to the experts on Channel 5’s Burger King: How Do They Really Do It?, it all comes to the Whopper.

Burger King’s signature huge burger is a flame grilled patty with tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, pickles, ketchup and onions on a sesame bun.

It can be tough for Burger King to compete against McDonald’s Big Mac but there’s one way the fast food restaurant makes its burger look bigger.

In adverts, Burger King always shows the Whopper being eaten with two hands which gives the impression it’s very big.

One expert said that Burger King “want it to look bigger” than any competitor options such as the Big Mac.

The signature burger is normally the first thing people think of when they hear the name Burger King and was introduced to the menu in 1957.

Over a billion of the huge burgers are sold per year and according to crew member Clare, it’s always made with fresh salad ingredients.

Clare said it takes around 25 seconds on average to put together a Whopper but her record is 15 seconds.

Burger King’s biggest rival is McDonald’s and it can be hard for the chain to stand against such a mammoth company.

However, according to the experts one way the brand catches attention is through its “cheekiness”.

Burger King has a playful self-deprecating sense of humour on social media which appeals to British customers.

It once went viral on Twitter for a joke mocking the popular US rapper, Kanye West when he said he loved McDonald’s.

One expert said: “You’ve got to do something controversial to stand out.”

Burger King even told customers to go elsewhere in the pandemic to support smaller businesses which had to be closed.

According to the show’s experts, Burger King has also learned to straddle the line between the cheapest fast food and premium goods.

Striking the balance between McDonald’s and upmarket chains such as Five Guys, Burger King found a market niche.

The Whopper is flame grilled which gives it its unique smoky flavour and the chain uses a special machine to cook the burgers quickly.

One expert said: “The burgers sit on this tray and they go round and there’s a flame underneath and on top and they come to the end and they fall into the juices.”

The grill can produce 16 burgers in half the time it would take someone using a BBQ to cook one burger.

One ex-worker said crew members sometimes had to run to the chiller as the kitchen would be so hot from the grill.

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