Price of cheapest supermarket pasta risen by 50 percent in a year

Single mum calls going to the supermarket 'painful'

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In the past year, the price of the cheapest pasta has risen 50 percent. Other cheap cupboard staples have also seen double-digit increases, according to new UK data. 

The Office for National Statistics conducted the “highly experimental research, based on web-scraped supermarket data for 30 everyday grocery items”. 

The data found that low-cost crisps, bread, minced beef and rice had all seen prices jump by more than 15 percent in the 12 months through April.

As for how this impacts the purse, the biggest increases for a single item were a 32p rise in the price of a 500g packet of beef mince, and an extra 28p for 600g of chicken breasts.

Pasta now costs an additional 17p, while rice and crisps are 12p more than this time last year. 

Orange fruit juice, mixed frozen vegetables, fruit squash and breakfast cereal have also seen a price increase. 

Other customer favourites that are costing more are baked beans, tomato ketchup, fish fingers, onions and ham. 

There are a few items that have decreased in price. 

The largest fall in price was measured for potatoes – down 12p to 75p for a 2.5kg bag. 

Cheese is also costing customers less – down 7p to 88p for 225g. 

Pizza is another item that is cheaper but only by 4p to 95p for 300g. 

Apples are also costing less, along with sausages and chips. 

The ONS said on average, the cheapest items only increased in price at the same pace as a normal basket of food. 

While some of these increases are small, they are having a big impact on shoppers. 

Someone called Lee tweeted: “I walk around the shops looking at the price of food these days, and I honestly want to cry because a lot of it is unaffordable now.” 

Donna explained: “It’s not just about the price of food it’s the cost of Cooking it too. Baking was a love of mine, now having the oven on for more than a hour is too expensive with the price of ingredients is beyond my budget.” 

Tilly remarked: “We don’t need data to tell us that. The till receipts are enough.” 

Tracey Flynn commented: “For some reason I started keeping digital receipts at the start of lockdown and it’s eye watering seeing the increases. Even smart price type items are now the *old price* of big brands.”

RG Forest noted: “Not to mention many products are also shrinking again whilst prices increase.” 

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