Portable Sake Is Coming for the Canned Wine Market

Canned wine is pretty darn popular, and its appeal grows more and more as summer approaches. Aside from being available at virtually every grocery store, canned wine has paved the way for canned cocktails like the Ritas and fruity, not-exactly-craft beers such as Naturdays. 

The next logical move for portable drinks, then, is something that packs an even more powerful punch, like sake. Brands like Ginjo Genshu have been making portable sake for a few years, either in cans or glass bottles, and marketing them at liquor stores and specialty groceries. 

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Now, Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto has entered the portable sake game with his release of Easy Cup Sake. Each lidded 210ml glass bottle is filled with sake made with premium grade Yamada Nishiki rice, so needless to say, it’s quality stuff. 

For those less familiar with sake or its potency, a portable resealable can is an approachable solution for casual drinkers. Now, it’s easier for doubters to picture drinking sake at the beach or stashing it in a cooler before a backyard barbecue. 

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