Phish & Chips May Be the Most British Ice Cream of All Time

According to tour information thoughtfully compiled on Wikipedia by their army of obsessive fans, it looks like Burlington, Vermont-based jam band Phish hasn’t played in the UK since 1997. But that hasn’t stopped Trey, Mike, Page, and Fishman’s friends at Ben & Jerry’s from offering up an oddly appealing and appropriately English treat that’ll have ice cream fans bouncing around the room.

It’s called Phish & Chips, adding another layer of punnery on top of the ice cream company’s well-loved Phish Food flavor. It’ll be available for a limited time to commemorate the fact that Ben & Jerry’s fans have enjoyed themselves at the company’s London-based Soho Scoop Shop for a full year now. 

This offering is a heady riff on a staple of British cuisine, replicating its look while (mercifully) not including any actual fish. Instead, Ben & Jerry’s is presenting Phish Food as if it was a piece of deep-fried cod by coating its ice cream in crispy cornflakes. Alongside the secretly sweet “Phish” are some salty “chips”, which in this case take the form of thin pretzel rods. A sweet raspberry “ketchup” and mascarpone-based “tartar sauce” round things out to complete the impression. It’s up to you to add your own bathtub gin. 

As you might imagine, a strange design like this will only be available for a limited time. Starting on July 12, Phish & Chips will be available every “Fry-day” from 11a.m. to midnight while supplies last. The catch is that you have to be at the aforementioned Soho Scoop Shop to get your hands on it, which does not intersect with any of the band’s upcoming tour dates. But if there was ever a dessert to follow around on tour this summer and feel good about, Phish & Chips is it. 


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