Oreo Iced Coffee in a Can Is Here for Your Morning Sweet Tooth


Coffee, the potable bean juice we rely on to get us through the odd mix of drudgery and overstimulation that is life in 2019, comes in many forms. You can brew it yourself and make it black, savoring the aromas and flavors. You can pay a barista to add fancy flourishes and foams to turn it into something meant for social media. Or you can jam your bean brew in a travel mug, dump some creamer in there, swirl it around, and move on with your day.

For people who fall into that last group, some recently-spotted products from coffee creamer company International Delight should come as pretty welcome news. Why? Because they’re turning some of their popular flavored creamer options into full-on cans of iced coffee, perfect for enjoying your optimal blend of caffeine and sugar on the go.

As with seemingly everything tasty-looking that hasn’t been released to the public yet, Instagram account @Candyhunting has the inside scoop on international delight’s canned Caramel Macchiato and Oreo Iced Coffees.


New canned International Delight coffee will be out early 2020! This is the same coffee that is available in the cartons.

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Apparently inspired by “the same coffee that is available in the cartons,” this 15-ounce chilled beverage is (appropriately enough) “made with real milk & cream,” saving you the trouble of mixing in that sweet caramel or Oreo flavoring yourself. As someone who often has a hard time calibrating when it comes to creamer, it’s comforting to know that these should offer a consistent, uniform amount of flavor without (hopefully) turning into some kind of treacly mess.

The only disappointing thing about these coffee-creamer can combos is that there’s only two flavors. Why not get some S’mores or even Peeps coffee in the mix? Maybe there’s still time for additional cans to make an appearance before Oreo and Caramel Macchiato launch in early 2020. Either way, rejoice. For the days of putting coffee in your creamer and putting that in a can are nearly at hand.  

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