Next Time You Water Your Plants, Spray with Rosé

If your houseplants are looking a bit thirsty, chances are, it's time to bust out the chilled rosé.

You likely know more about house plants and how to keep them alive than I do, but I’m telling the truth. You can now buy a water spritzer that looks just like a bottle of rosé. The Spray with Rosé bottle is ready to spruce up your greenery while subtly reminding you that it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

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A hair product company called Framar released the water-spritzing bottle to help customers tame their hair in the classiest of ways. However, people of the internet are finding a better use for it—letting their plants rosé all day.

The Spray with Rosé bottle holds 9.5 ounces of liquid (we recommend water, but rosé is always an option if you want to give it a try). For $12, this limited-edition polymer bottle with adjustable intensity could be the latest edition to your plant-care meets self-care collection.

Who thinks they’ll catch their clients spraying this one into their mouth? ?? #roséallday

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If rosé isn’t your drink of choice, Framar also manufactures an “All Jacked Up Bottle” inspired by Jack Daniels whiskey. The “barber spray” holds 20.3 ounces of liquid and could be perfect gift for the houseplant/whiskey enthusiast in your life  (Father’s Day is coming up fast, folks). A product description promises that it “will not shatter if dropped, even after over indulgence.”

We Introduce to you, the ALL JACKED UP SPRAY BOTTLE??? Shaken, stirred, or on the rocks. AVAILABLE @cosmoprofbeauty & @armstrongmccallofficial Today???

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So, grab a glass with your plant friends and keep them hydrated all summer long. This conversation piece will make one house chore much more fun.

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