New Big Sour Patch Kids Are Double the Size for Twice the Sweet and Sour Flavor


For years, Sour Patch Kids have been a perfectly normal-sized candy. Sure, those tart tricksters have ended up in some strange places like cookies and cereal in recent times, but you could always depend on them not to intimidate you with their size.

If your therapist told you that the giant sour patch kids aren’t real and can’t hurt you, I’m afraid I have some bad news to deliver, courtesy of Instagram food finder @SnackBetch.

BIG Sour Patch Kids! Is bigger always better? In this case I think so!

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Yes, those are Big Sour Patch Kids, available in go-paks from retailers like Walmart, Target, and 7-Eleven. From the side by side comparison between a “regular” Sour Patch Kid and a Big Sour Patch Kid, it’d appear that the older sibling has twice the area (which is a weird way to measure children, if you think about it) of the younger, average-sized kid.

In addition to these “Go-Paks,” the Big Sour Patch Kids (Are they Sour Patch Teens? Sour Patch Large Adult Sons?) also come in family-sized bags or in a box of individually-wrapped “Kids,” which really just underscores that these are an absolute unit of a sour candy.

From the look of it, all of the usual Sour Patch flavors of Orange, Lime, Lemon, Cherry, and, uh, blue are included here, just in a large and unsettling size. Is it even possible to take down a Big Sour Patch Kid in one bite without the risk of choking? I don’t plan on finding out the hard way. Whether you want to purchase a bag of candy that could pose a serious threat if it ever came to life and attacked you is your choice to make. 

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