Mum’s genius method to never break an egg yolk and make them ‘perfect’

Tara Woodcox is a mum and fitness coach who enjoys sharing her healthy recipes on her TikTok page @tarawoodcox11, Recently, she has shared her quick and simple tricks on how to make the perfect eggs without breaking the egg yolk or flipping them.

Tara began her video by saying she was cooking eggs for dinner as her family were either out or had already eaten, so she was going to share her simple egg trick. In the video text, she said: “Spray the pan with some nonstick spray, put [the] eggs in [a] pan.”

She cooked the eggs for a few minutes until they were halfway cooked, and then added a splash of water. She then covered her pan with a lid and said it was important to not remove the lid until the top of the eggs had turned white.

Tara proceeded to let the eggs cook until they were done, and took the lid off to reveal the perfect over-easy eggs. She said that the eggs would slide easily from the pan onto a plate, and added: [They are] perfect every time and are yummy!”

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The comment section were amazed by the simple trick and one comment said it was a “life-changing hack”.

Another person said: “What kind of magic was that?” while somebody else said: “Thank you I am always breaking my yokes when I flip them…I’m gonna try this tomorrow morning.”

Tara has also posted more egg tricks on her social media, including one way to make scrambled eggs healthier by adding some protein. She said had wanted to try this idea out for herself as it was “the most interesting spin” of eggs she had seen.

She said: “I have been exploring with cottage cheese. People have told me that this is really good, I am going to give it a try and let you guys know how it is.” In the text of the video, she said: “These could be an amazon new addition to my week. They are very high in protein and nutrient dense.”

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The fitness coach said: “First we are gonna scramble our eggs…we’ll add salt and pepper and then throw them [in a pan].” She then added some milk for some “extra fluffiness” while she was stirring the eggs and said she was going to try out the meal with her son to see if they both enjoyed it.

Once the eggs are cooked. Tara added some cottage cheese and said it was “an additional 17G of protein.” She said: “I’ve never added cottage cheese to eggs, it doesn’t even sound like the food at all…I’ve never imagined putting it in eggs ever.”

However, after the taste test was done with her son, Tara said: “They are actually really good!” and added that her son had “dug right in” to his eggs and enjoyed the meal as well.

One user said the cottage cheese idea “makes sense” as cottage cheese is the main ingredient when making an eggy casserole, while somebody else thanked Tara for the idea and said: “I am so going to try this!”

Some people suggested alternatives to the trick, as one woman named Jen said: “Blend the cottage cheese! It’s a total game-changer!” and another user called Mindy said: “Blend the raw eggs and cottage cheese together before you cook.”

Someone else said: “I made this today and it was amazing!”

Another commenter said: “To make mine higher protein and lower calories, especially when doing a big batch, I mix eggs, egg whites, and cottage cheese and scramble combined. it’s so good.”

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