Morrisons will give away free hot cross buns to customers on Good Friday – 450 stores

Mary Berry shows off her recipe for hot cross buns

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To celebrate Easter, Morrisons workers will be handing out hot cross buns to customers this on Good Friday, which falls on April 15. The buns will be made in-store from scratch by Morrisons expert bakers so customers can enjoy them fresh from the oven.

According to recent research conducted by Morrisons, four in five (82 percent) of customers plan on purchasing hot cross buns this week.

A huge 39 percent revealed that they couldn’t imagine Easter without them.

More than three quarters (87 percent) of those polled also said that receiving something free of charge would make a positive difference to their day.

Over half (59 percent) told the supermarket they would be likely to pay forward this act of kindness to a friend or family member.

In the spirit of giving, Morrisons will hand out hot cross buns to customers during their shop.

The supermarket hopes to catalyse a chain reaction of generosity over the holiday period.

Jacob Cox, Bakery Manager at Morrisons, stated: “Easter is a time to share and celebrate and we wanted to do something that would put a smile on customers’ faces.

“We know hot cross buns are a favourite at this time of year, which is why we’re giving away our traditional Market Street version for customers to enjoy on us.”

Morrisons bakers will be hard at work to provide customers with this special Easter treat.

Starting their shifts at 5am, they are set to bake over eight million hot cross buns in store over Easter.

But how many are they making and how can you get your hands on them?

Morrisons will be giving away over 10,000 free hot cross buns in stores nationwide on Good Friday. The buns will be made in-store from scratch by Morrisons expert bakers, so customers can enjoy them fresh from the oven.

Thousands are set to be handed out at random throughout the day by Morrisons bakers.

This will take place in a lucky 450 stores across the UK.

However, these have not yet been revealed.

Morrisons customers have taken to social media to express their feelings on the free Easter treat, with some happier than others.

Adam Clarke tweeted: “Not surprised you’re giving them away, my local store in Littlehampton bakes hot cross buns 1/4 the size of Tesco yet charges more.”

Others seemed happy with the news.

John Cochrane took to Facebook, calling Morrisons’ initiative a “good gesture, especially for children”.

@omgitzmo_ suggested to the supermarket: “You gotta do this with the vegan sausage roll next time.”

The nation loves a hot cross bun, with @catrad tweeting: “I had two hot cross buns (un-toasted) for breakfast, followed by another half (toasted) for elevenses. I am living my best life.”

Morrisons customers hoping to receive free hot cross buns can find their nearest store at

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