Michelin-star chef shows how to make the ‘perfect’ poached egg

A Michelin-star chef and restaurant owner has revealed the perfect way to cook a poached egg and is begging people to stop using vinegar. Paul Foster is a Michelin-star chef and owner of the fine-dining restaurant Salt. In a viral TikTok video, he showed a simple, hassle-free technique for getting that perfect poached egg for a weekend brunch.

Paul said: “I was shown, when I was a young chef, to use vinegar but I’ve learned a better way. This is the better way.”

The chef began his video with a pan of water on the stove. He said: “ Do NOT add vinegar. Whatever people tell you, you do not need it.”

He then added a pinch of salt to the water, and began cracking an egg. He said to get as “fresh an egg as possible” and make sure it is at room temperature before cooking.

Paul’s tip for cracking an egg was to crack into a sieve in order to “get off any watery bits on the white.”

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Before adding the egg, Paul said it was wise to get the pan of water boiling and make sure there’s enough water so the egg can “sit nice and deep”.

He then turned the water to just under a boil and instructed the audience to give the pan a quick stir.

Paul said: “Give it a stir, you don’t need to whisk it and create a vortex. The stir just helps it to move so it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan.”

He said that this way the “protein can set…and [the egg] just curls up lovely.”

After putting the egg in the pan to boil, Paul set a two-minute timer. He said: “It’s not going to be long enough, but I always like to check it before.”

Paul said that while the egg is cooking it was important to “give it a little look” and not walk away from the pan.

He also showed the egg cooking and emphasised it was important for the water to be just under a boil. He said: “See how the water is not boiling. There’s no vinegar in there, it’s not gone all scummy and it’s not going to taste like cr*p.”

After two minutes, Paul said to give the egg “a little check.” He said his egg was “still a little raw on the egg white for me” and was going to continue to boil the egg for another 30 seconds.

During this moment, Paul said: “Don’t be tempted to turn it up and start boiling it.”

After the egg was done cooking, Paul spooned it from the pan and said: “Now that look perfect.”

He then placed his egg on a paper towel, and said: “Drain it off onto some paper, never put it straight on toast because it is just going to make the toast soggy. “

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Paul said that this was the moment to begin seasoning the egg. He added a little bit of sea salt as well as some cracked pepper and said: “That’s all you need.”

The Michelin-star chef then added: “Now that the excess water has drained off, I’m just going to put it on the place. But for you, you can put it on toast, bacon, avocado, whatever you like.”

Paul cut into the egg and taste tested it, to show it was cooked to perfection and revealed it had a delicious and runny yolk.

He said: “That is a perfectly cooked runny yolk, and a nice soft white. You can’t get better than that.”

The chef added that you do not need to try any tricks to make the perfect egg. He said: You don’t need a microwave, you don’t need one of those stupid egg poachers. You just need a pan with some water, with no vinegar in it. Just a little bit of salt.”

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