McDonald’s menu: The SIX mega changes coming to a store near you – including the double Bi

Rylan Clark-Neal works a shift at McDonalds

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Big changes are coming soon to a drive-thru near you. McDonald’s has changed its menu for the Winter season. What is the full list of changes, and how much will the double Big Mac cost?

McDonald’s has announced huge changes to its UK menu, and customers will notice new items in stores next week.

Next Wednesday, October 13, 2021, six new items including the return of the double Big Mac will be added to the McDonald’s menu.

However, six limited-edition items, including mozzarella dippers, will be taken off the menu until further notice.

So, what is the full list of menu changes coming to McDonald’s in the UK?

Have you ever got to the end of your Big Mac, and thought to yourself ‘I wish I had another one’? Well, McDonald’s has made your dreams come true, in the form of the return of the double Big Mac.

Bigger isn’t always better, but in the case of the Big Mac, it certainly is.

Customers can now choose to double up their Big Mac, meaning they can get a Big Mac sandwich containing four beef patties!

The double Big Mac also contains extra salad, an extra slice of cheese, more irresistible Big Mac sauce, and an extra bun.

A medium Double Big Mac meal will set you back £5.69, or you can buy the sandwich for £4.19 on its own.

This is the double Big Mac’s return to the menu after being taken off at the end of 2020.

The double Big Mac isn’t the only new addition to the menu.

The Crunchie McFlurry (and Crunchie McFlurry mini) is returning to McDonald’s stores to the delight of McFlurry fans, especially after many branches had to close their ice cream machines earlier this year.

Nacho cheese wedges will be available from next week, costing £1.89.

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However, in order to create space on the menu, McDonald’s is saying ‘Bye for now’ to six further items in a seasonal shake-up.

Maccies regulars have until next week to enjoy some of their favourite items.

The Big Tasty burger – with Emmental cheese and the signature Big Tasty sauce – will be taken off the menu from next week.

Limited edition item mozzarella dippers will also be taken off the menu.

The Chicken BBQ Smoke House burger – crispy chicken with cheddar cheese and smoked bacon – is also taking a break.

The Cadbury chocolate McFlurry and the Cadbury chocolate caramel McFlurry will also be off the menu from next week onwards.

Here’s the full list of what’s out, and what’s in:

New McDonald’s Menu Items

Double Big Mac – £4.19
Double Big Mac medium meal- £5.69
Crunchie McFlurry – £1.39
Crunchie McFlurry Mini – 99p
Nacho Cheese Wedges – £1.89
Nacho Cheese Wedges Sharebox – £5.29

Items leaving the McDonald’s menu:

Mozzarella Dippers
Mozzarella Dippers Share Box
Cadbury Chocolate McFlurry
Cadbury Chocolate Caramel McFlurry
Big Tasty
BBQ Chicken Smoke House

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