Make Me a Cocktail Is Your At-Home Quarantine Bartender

Finished Margarita

We’ve all been there before: you find yourself at home ready to unwind with a drink, but don’t have what you need to make your go-to cocktail. Under normal circumstances, that could be solved by a quick trip to a liquor or grocery store. You could even visit one of these novel places called “bars” where someone called a “bartender” would make you a drink in exchange for money. Of course, those aren’t really options at a time when businesses are closed and even grocery runs seem inadvisable. 

That’s where a wonderful website called Make Me a Cocktail comes in, offering to help you do exactly what its name implies. As demonstrated by a viral TikTok, the site simply asks you for a running list of all the alcohol, mixers, and potential cocktail ingredients you already have at home. From there, it uses a bit of computer programming magic to pair your particular combination of available ingredients with at least one of the 3,500-plus cocktail recipes in its database.WATCH: The Very Best Food Podcasts to Stream Right Now

I’d do some digging of my own to tell you more about Make Me a Cocktail and its features, but a significant spike in traffic from curious quarantined drinkers has completely overwhelmed the site’s servers. According to a Twitter thread by the site’s account, the one British man behind Make Me a Cocktail (who considers it a “labour of love” rather than a money making venture) is aware of the problem and already hard at work on the technical fixes needed to cope with surging demand. Major props to him for putting in the work while apparently tending to a newborn son.

Hopefully that means this digital mixology resource will be back up and running by 5:00 on Friday— not that hours of the day or days of the week mean much anymore. Still, this is a resource you should definitely check out if you want to feel like you’re going out while staying home.


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