LaCroix Debuts Its First New Flavor in Almost 2 Years

LaCroix‘s latest flavor launch has quite a few skeptics, at least according to responses on Twitter.

The cult-favorite sparkling water brand first teased that a new flavor would be launching by tweeting out a video on Friday of a bright pink can. “HI, something new is coming,” the company wrote. “Share your best guess below.”

The idea of a fresh flavor got people excited, with some of the top guesses being strawberry lemonade, dragonfruit, and watermelon. A few fans could hardly even form words as they waited to find out what it would be. “EJIWISJDNDJEJDKDKEJS IM SO EXCITED,” tweeted one user.

LaCroix let the secret out on Monday night when they tweeted another video of the new bubbly: “Please welcome LaCroix’s newest innovation HI-Biscus! ”

Twitter users were quick to reveal their disappointment with the floral Hibiscus flavor. “I wanted watermelon we all wanted watermelon ,” one wrote.

“You know this isn’t what we want why did you do this to us,” added another.

There were a few enthusiastic tweets among them, though. “OH MY GOSH YESS!!!! OMG WTH I LOVE THIS ALREADY AHHHH.”

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Seltzer aficionados in the western United States will get to make up their mind first as the flavor starts rolling out there “soon,” according to their tweet.

LaCroix currently has 24 different flavors available, including their original cans, and the Cúrate and NiCola lines. Key Lime was the newest flavor to join when it was introduced in September 2017.

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