Keep potatoes edible for ‘months’ with new storage advice

TikTok user asks viewers if potatoes belong in the fridge

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For years, the advice has been to store potatoes in a cool dark place, somewhere like a cupboard, or ideally a cellar or garage. But now, Aldi is suggesting placing its potatoes in the fridge.

@Bethking61 on TikTok captioned her video with: “Maybe I have been living under a rock but I always thought they belonged in a dark cupboard?”

The clip showed her zooming in on a bag of white potatoes from Aldi, showing a small sticker on the bag.

Beth added her amazement: “Surely no? Does anyone else keep their potatoes in the fridge?? Is this NEW? Is my whole life a lie…”

The sticker showed a picture of a blue fridge which had the words “at home store below five degrees Celsius” underneath it.

Hundreds of people took to the comments section to share their experiences of storing potatoes in the fridge versus cupboard.

Jas said: “I always put mine in the fridge. Keeps them fresher and does not end up growing a tree on top lol.”

Debbie chimed: “I’ve been keeping mine in the fridge for as long as I can remember. Never have sprouts or spoilage.’

Micha added: “Right I kept them in a dark cupboard… they grow mad bits so put them in the fridge they stay good for weeekssss.” Natalie wrote: “Fridge here, they last weeks and weeks.”

Diane explained: “I always keep mine in the fridge if you leave them out they sprout and also go green in the fridge they last for weeks sometimes months.”

Another said: “I always keep my potatoes in the fridge. last for months and doesn’t sprout.” has contacted Aldi for a comment and advice on where is best to store potatoes. previously reported Lucia Washbrook, sales and marketing director at Branston advice.

She said: “With the current climate emergency and the rising cost of living, we need consumers to make changes and follow guidance such as this to seriously tackle food waste in the home, which will also help save them money.”

“Storing potatoes in the fridge should obviously be encouraged, but there are many other ways you can make them last, such as storing them in fabric or paper bags rather than plastic and making sure they are kept in the dark.

“Those coming towards their end-of-life can be cooked up and frozen into portions ready to use straight from the freezer.”

According to Out of Date, “we abandon 4.4 million potatoes every day”, that “adds up to 714,000 tonnes of potatoes wasted every year in our homes”.

Potatoes wasted, whether it’s whole, peels or leftover mash, “add up to generate 326,000 tonnes of CO2e every year too”, because of all the energy and resources that go into growing them and getting them to your home.

In turn, without these wasted potatoes, we could have the same impact as planting 5.4 million trees every year.

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