‘Keep bananas fresh for 7 days’: Handy food storage hack to keep fruit from going brown

Bananas: Experts explain how to keep the fruit fresh

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All that is needed for this hack is some clingfilm. Armen Adamjan is the content creator behind Creative Explained. He shares hacks, tips and tricks on his TikTok where he boasts 4.9 million followers and 66.8 million likes.

He focuses on cleaning, plant and food hacks, and has won a legion of loyal followers.

He previously showed how to keep lettuce fresh in the fridge for 30 days and why you should never store potatoes in the fridge. 

The content creator is focused on limiting food waste, and encouraging a more environmentally lifestyle with his food storage hacks.

Armen discussed a method to keep his bananas fresh for a whole week.

He said: “You ever buy bananas and they just ripen up way too fast before you get to eat them? Well, this is what you do.”

Armen suggests wrapping a certain part of the banana in plastic wrap to keep them nice and fresh.

He explained: “Separate all the bananas and then wrap each banana stem with plastic wrap.

“Doing this slows down the ethylene production and keeps your bananas fresh for seven days.”

If you suddenly find you would like to speed the passage of time, Armen has a tip for ripening bananas too.

He said: “If for whatever reason you actually need them to be ripe, just throw them in the oven for 15 minutes at 350 degrees.”

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Fans chimed in with their own tips to keep bananas from ripening.

One said: “Put aluminum foil at the top of the bunch and they last longer (stay ripe).”

Another commented: “Putting bananas in the fridge helps their life span too.”

One suggested recommended: “You can use beeswax paper it’s easier to wrap so you don’t have to loop around a ton and you use less. Plus it’s eco-friendly and reusable.”

“Don’t even have to separate them. just wrap the stems well and it will last for over a week!” one suggested.

Armen is also an author of two books, Don’t Throw it Out and Don’t Throw it Out 2.

They focus on “gardening, growing vegetables and fruit, re-growing plants, cloning, fertilizing with homemade plant food recipes, dealing with plant diseases, problem-solving, DIY projects, and ways to keep bugs and insects away from your plants”.

How to keep bananas fresh

Utilise the fridge

Cooling bananas down in the fridge will help prevent them from ripening further. Even if the skin goes black, the fruit is likely still good to eat.

Add lemon

If your banana is peeled, sprinkling lemon juice over the top of it could stave off ripening.

Use vinegar

Similarly, bathing peeled fruit in vinegar can help to keep it fresh.

Just remember to wash the fruit thoroughly before you eat it, or it may taste unpleasant.

Use the freezer

Of course, if you want to keep your bananas fresh for a long time, they will last 30 days in the freezer.

Defrost at room temperature – use frozen bananas in your smoothies.

In another recent food hack, an expert showed how to keep carrots fresh. 

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