Kate Middleton’s ‘bright’ complexion could be due to healthy smoothie

Prince William and Kate return to royal duties with visit to Wales

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Kate, Princess of Wales is known to be an adventurous foodie, often trying whatever local delicacies are on offer when she travels the world with Prince William on royal tours. But some aspects of Kate’s healthy diet are thought to be routine, including her super healthy breakfast smoothie.

While the Princess doesn’t speak publicly about her food choices, Kate could start her day with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables blitzed up.

A smoothie including these ingredients provide nutrients to help achieve a healthy glow, like Kate has.

Nutrition experts BarBend said: “The Princess [may] blend her own antioxidant-filled smoothies, mixing kale, spirulina, matcha, spinach, romaine, and blueberries together in a delicious mix, helping her maintain a natural glow and healthy skin.

“All the make-up artists in the world (and we can safely say that Kate Middleton has her pick of them) can’t replace the benefits of consuming enough nutrients for a clear and bright complexion.”

Porridge could also be the future Queen Consort’s breakfast staple, and it is famed for its slow-release energy properties.

For lunch, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables are likely on the menu again for the Princess due to their health benefits.

The experts at Barbend added: “Continuing with the antioxidant-rich theme of her breakfast, Kate [could] favour organic foods for lunch and incorporate as many raw ingredients as possible.

“Watermelon salads are a [rumoured] staple of Kate’s lunches, and include juicy pink watermelon mixed with avocado, onion, cucumber, and feta cheese – the perfect mix of sweet and savoury.”

A healthy diet is all about balance, and the Princess has been pictured eating delicious ice cream while out on engagements in the past.

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She is also thought to be partial to a sticky toffee pudding when she wants something sweet, and a gin and tonic in the evening after a long day.

The Princess’ takeaway of choice is a crowd favourite, but it doesn’t win the approval of her husband due to how spicy it is.

Kate told BBC Radio 1 in 2017 of her favourite takeaway: “Curry, definitely.”

In 2020, William told BBC Radio 5 Live’s ‘That Peter Crouch Podcast’: “Chicken masala, love that, a bit of flavour – I’m not a vindaloo man put it that way.”

Kate’s sister-in-law Meghan, Duchess of Sussex is also known to be a healthy eater, and she’s a big fan of a smoothie too.

When she was an actress and blogger for her own lifestyle site, The Tig, Meghan told The Chalkboard she favours a daily breakfast which is rich in vitamins and minerals.

She said: “Clean Cleanse vanilla shake with blueberries or an acai bowl with fresh berries, manuka honey and bee pollen (that’s my absolute favourite).”

Meghan also favours a nutrient-packed green juice when she needs an energy boost.

She previously wrote for Today that she blends “apple, kale, spinach, lemon and ginger” and that she takes her juice with her on the go.

She advised readers to mix up the recipe and “toss in berries or use almond milk” for a nourishing twist.

Meghan also loves a breakfast bowl of frozen acai, almond milk, banana and frozen berries blitzed together.

And for dinner, a staple is slow-cooked zucchini pasta, made with just water and bouillion.

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