Jason Derulo Tries to Eat Corn With a Drill, Fails Spectacularly


By this point, pretty much everyone is bored out of their mind and looking for ridiculous ways to entertain themselves and/or others. That might explain why TikTok has taken off as a food hack platform since the pandemic started, in addition to hosting all sorts of other viral challenges, fails, and generally ridiculous content.So what do you get when you combine a food hack with our hardwired desire to laugh at the misfortune of others? Well, something pretty close to what Jason Derulo posted on the popular social media app recently.


Don’t try this ??

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Somewhere along the way, the pop star saw or heard that attaching an ear of corn to a drill is a “hack” for quickly consuming corn on the cob. As the short video above and anyone with a shred of common sense could tell you, this is truly not a good idea. As the drill spins madly out of control, Derulo emits a sharp cry and reveals to the camera that part of two of his front teeth are missing.

Can the fiendishly fast rotations of an ear of corn really yank your teeth from your mouth? Without witnessing it in person or seeing any dental bills, it’s hard to say for sure. For what it’s worth, a “Corn Drill Challenge” compilation from a few years ago features someone’s hair getting ripped out, and another losing their teeth. Those incidents at least look slightly less staged.

Those may or may not have been real, but it would seem that Derulo (or whoever posts his TikToks for him) has access to a decent amount of video editing skills. I think it’s safe to say that his head is still attached to his body, so there’s no reason to assume an artist with 11 platinum singles willingly sacrificed his teeth for TikTok clout.

Whether real or not, Derulo’s performance art serves as a useful PSA as we enter corn on the cob season: leave the power tools out of it.


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