James Martin shares bizarre reason he’s ‘not a fan of goat’s cheese’ – ‘nothing dodgy!’

James Martin reveals why he isn’t a fan of goat’s cheese

James Martin, 48, was showing viewers how to make Goat’s Cheese and Hazelnut with Baked Beetroot Salad in a lovely garden. However, James spoke about his dislike of goat’s cheese, and said on the ITV show: “I like to use a really light goat’s cheese. I’m not a fan of goat’s cheese, it’s got to be said.”

Initially, however, the chef was not keen to give the reason why.

Appearing flustered, he said: “Mainly because, well…anyway, that’s another thing.

“Just a…just a…anyway, I shan’t go there.”

However, James couldn’t resist explaining further – and the reason he doesn’t like goat’s cheese is nothing to do with the taste, it seems.

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“Nothing dodgy but I just don’t like the shape of a goat’s…”

James then proceeded to gesture the shape of an udder with his hands.

Finshing up the recipe, he said: “But anyway, goat’s cheese – I use a higher goat’s cheese, and you can often get a goat’s cheese now which is a combination of goat’s cheese and cow’s milk.”

Elsewhere on the show, James made calf’s liver with an onion sauce, mashed potatoes and a side of onion rings.

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James shared the trick behind getting the perfect onion rings at home.

The chef sliced an onion in fine circles and then dropped the slices into the flour.

“No need to put them in flour first, they’re just going to go straight in there anyway,” he said, as the batter is sufficient coating.

James then used his hands to mix the onions in the flour.

The TV chef gave viewers a crucial tip: “Coat the onions in the batter but not too thick.”

According to James, onion rings are better with a thin batter.

After making sure the onions are sufficiently covered in batter, James drops them into a fryer filled with oil.

“They take 30 seconds to a minute to cook,” he said.

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