James Martin: Chef shares easy chocolate orange delight bun recipe on This Morning

This Morning: James Martin makes orange chocolate delight

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James Martin, 48, regularly appears on This Morning to share his different recipes. On today’s show, the chef showed viewers how to make his easy chocolate orange delight sweet treat, which is similar to a Chelsea bun. 

Running through the ingredients, James shared the first step to make the dough for the bun.

He said: “I’ve got good quality flour, some warm water and fresh or dried yeast.”

“What we do first of all is you add the water to the bottom of the bowl first and then put the yeast and flour in.

James’ top tip was not to have the mixture too hot otherwise it will start to kill the yeast.

He also shared that you can use cold water but it will just take longer to prove. 

“Add a little bit of egg…this is the enrichment process…now we enrich it with our flour, our sugar, a pinch of salt and then start the machine going,” James added.

James uses a mixing machine for the dough and explains that it would take upwards of 30 minutes by hand because the gluten needs to be stretched.

The chef then added a few knobs of butter while the mixture was mixing and continued the machine going for 10 minutes.”

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He then removed the dough from the machine and put plenty of flour onto the worktop in front of him.

James went on: “If you look at it, it’s not really a pastry, it’s quite delicate.”

Presenter Holly Willoughby added that it looks a bit like pizza dough.

The chef explained that the dough needs to be rolled out to about 45cm x 30cm.

Adding his filling to the dough, James explained that this recipe can also be switched up and the dough can be used for either sweet or savoury filling.

He said: “You take cream cheese and add a little bit of that…then we’ve got some orange, I use the orange zest and then we take some chocolate and a little bit of cocoa powder.

“This is the first prove and then what you want to do is roll it up…you can either bake it like this if you want or alternatively you can get yourself a loose bottom cake tin and cut it in half, half again, half again and half again.”

Holly added: “This is like the cinnamon swirl.”

James then added the swirls of his chocolate orange bun to the bottom of the cake tin, ensuring that all of the bottom of the cake tin was covered.

The chef explained to viewers that this needed to be left for about an hour to prove even more at room temperature.

Once proved, the bun needs to be placed into a 200 degree oven for about 40 minutes and while it is still warm, top it with the glaze.

To make the glaze, James explained that he mixed orange juice and sugar together along with water.

He said: “I’m using blood orange juice because it makes it go a little pink.”

James posted the recipe onto his Instagram with the caption: “It’s easier than you think.”

One fan commented: “I might have a go at this, they look very nice.”

Another said: “Delish! Will be baking this later.”

“Looks amazing and most of all, so yummy,” a third wrote. 

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