‘I tried Coronation sandwiches from main supermarkets in a taste test’

Reviewing all the supermarket coronation sandwiches


  • M&S Coronation Chicken Club sandwich
  • Waitrose Coronation Chicken sandwich with fresh coriander
  • Tesco Coronation Chicken sandwich
  • Tesco Coronation King Prawn sandwich
  • Sainsbury’s Coronation Chicken with Apricots and Sultanas
  • King Charles’s Coronation is a little over a week away and the big British supermarkets have released limited-edition sandwiches to celebrate the occasion.

    Major brands like Tesco, M&S, Sainsbury’s and more have all jumped on the Royal Family bandwagon to release a string of themed foods, from biscuit tins and cakes to crisps. But Coronation sandwiches have proved among the most popular.

    Coronation chicken is naturally the key feature of these themed sarnies, but there is a big variety on offer depending on where you shop.

    So to put these to the test, we sampled Coronation sandwiches from several supermarkets to find out which one was the best.

    M&S Coronation Chicken Club sandwich

    • Price: £4.75
    • Rating: 8/10

    This sandwich features three slices of oatmeal bread with chicken breast, mango chutney, coronation sauce, cucumber, pickled onions and spinach.

    I found the sandwich to be very tasty. I liked how substantial it was with three slices of bread, and the mango chutney was a delicious addition.

    However, the curry taste from the coronation sauce was not very prominent as the mango chutney was quite overpowering. But overall I’d say this sandwich was my favourite of the supermarkets I tried.

    Waitrose Coronation Chicken sandwich with fresh coriander

    • Price: £4
    • Rating: 4/10

    This chicken sandwich features dried apricots and sultanas in a coronation chicken mayonnaise. It also has a tasty salad selection with cucumber, spinach and coriander, all placed onto malted bread.

    I found the apricots and sultanas incredibly sweet which I didn’t really like, and there was very little seasoning in the sandwich which made it taste quite bland otherwise.

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    Tesco Coronation Chicken sandwich

    • Price: £2.60
    • Rating: 6/10

    This Coronation sandwich combines curry mayonnaise with chicken and sultanas, and the sandwich is then layered with spinach.

    The bread features onion seeds which added a tasty flavour to the overall sandwich.

    I really liked the taste of the curry mayonnaise in this sandwich because it had the strongest curry taste so far. However, I thought the sandwich could have some more salad in it other than just spinach.

    Tesco Coronation King Prawn sandwich

    • Price: £3.50
    • Rating: 1/10

    A nice option for pescatarians, this sandwich takes a different slant on the traditional coronation chicken.

    The sandwich features Nigella seed white bread, with king prawns, mango chutney, Bramley apple, sultanas, lime pickle and coriander.

    I did not like the taste of this sandwich at all, as I found the texture of the prawns to be mushy with all the creamy ingredients.

    Sainsbury’s Coronation Chicken with Apricots and Sultanas

    • Price: £2.95
    • Rating: 4/10

    This Coronation sandwich features chicken breast, mayonnaise with curry spices, spinach, apricots and sultanas on white bread with black onion seeds.

    This sandwich was quite bland – I couldn’t really taste the apricots or the sultanas. But equally, the sandwich did not taste bad, therefore there wasn’t much wrong with it.

    Similarly to the Tesco Coronation Chicken sandwich, this sarnie could have done with some more salad other than spinach to make it more exciting.

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