‘I compared Robinsons orange squash to supermarket’s own’

Robinsons juice drinks were first created for players at Wimbledon in the 1930s, and since then the brand has gone on to become the nation’s favourite squash.

But a one-litre bottle sets customers back £2 and in a cost-of-living crisis, many of us are looking to make shopping swaps and find cheaper alternatives.

With every supermarket offering their version for cheaper, are they any good?

Express.co.uk taste tested orange squash from all eight big supermarkets, and found Asda offers a dupe, whereas Sainsbury’s offers a more authentic flavour. 

Robinsons – 1l for £2 or 5p per glass 

The leading brand says its bottle can make 40 drinks, and is three calories per drink, making it the healthiest compared to all other supermarkets. The drink itself was sweet and artificially tasted of orange. 

Aldi – 1.5l for 99p or 1.6p per glass 

Aldi’s orange squash can make 60 drinks which isn’t surprising as it’s a 1.5l bottle. Per glass, there are four calories. The drink itself was refreshing, with a slight tang – 7/10. 

Morrisons – 1.5l for £1.29 or 2.1p per glass 

In another 1.5l bottle which makes 60 drinks each at four calories, Morrisons’s squash was really juicy and smooth – 8/10. 

Sainsbury’s – 1.5l for £2 or 1.6p per glass 

The only four-times concentrate in the taste test, Sainsbury’s bottle of squash can make 120 drinks, each at four calories. 

It was juicy, fruity, and an authentic taste. It was the only squash that tasted closer to real oranges squeezed – 9/10. 

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Lidl – 1.5l for 99p or 1.6p per glass 

Lidl’s squash was the weakest in depth, and that was reflected in the taste as it was less orangey compared to others and just tasted sweet. 

This squash is five calories per class with the bottle making 60 glasses – 5/10. 

M&S – 705ml for £1.25 or 4p per glass 

A smaller bottle that makes 30 glasses with five calories per glass, M&S’ orange squash was sweet and strong.

It’s also the most expensive out of all the supermarket’s squashes – 7/10. 

Asda – 1.5l for £1.10 or 1.8p per glass 

Another double concentrate making 60 glasses at four calories each, Asda’s orange squash was a dupe of Robinsons and it was really difficult to tell them apart. Similarly, it was as sweet – 9/10. 

Waitrose – 1.5l for £1.30 or 2.1p per glass 

Waitrose Essentials orange squash makes 60 classes with four calories per glass. It was refreshing with a delicious orangey flavour, albeit more artificial orange than authentic – 8/10. 

In summary, Asda’s orange squash is a dupe for Robinsons, but Sainsbury’s offers a more authentic flavour and is 0.2p cheaper per glass than Asda.

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