How to make cold brew coffee at home

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Cold brew isn’t as simple or straightforward to make as an iced latte or iced Americano. What makes cold brew coffee so delicious is the time spent on it. Iced coffees on the other hand are really quick as all you have to do is brew the coffee as normal, cool it down and pour it over ice. However, this method quickly dilutes the coffee given it quickly interacts with the ice cubes.

What is cold brew coffee?

Cold brew coffee is made by steeping coarsely ground coffee beans at room temperature.

The beans have to be soaked in the water for six to 12 hours.

This then creates a coffee concentrate you can mix with more cold water or milk for a sweeter beverage.

Cold brew fans say it tastes smoother than your typical iced coffee, and those who are sensitive to acid believe it is easier to drink than hot coffee.

While many people think cold brew contains more caffeine, this isn’t the case most of the time.

You actually extract more caffeine from the beans when you brew coffee with hot water.

Cold brew is typically made with a higher ratio of coffee to water – sometimes two to two-and-a-half times more – meaning it is stronger and as a result, tastes it.

If you make your own cold brew concentrate, it will remain fresh for 24 to 48 hours in the fridge, while expiry dates vary for the shop-bought kinds so be sure to read the label.

How to make cold brew at home

This recipe for Fuss Free Flavours doesn’t call for many ingredients.

You will need:

50grams ground coffee
50ml water – just off the boil
520ml water (filtered water if you have access to it)

The prep time for this recipe is five minutes and the cooking time is eight hours.

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Place the ground coffee into your coffee pot or cafetière.

Pour over the hot water and allow the coffee to bloom for just a few seconds.

Add the cold filtered water to the mixture.

Place the whole thing into the fridge for at least eight hours to brew, but you can leave it for up to 12.

Fuss free flavours writes: “There are a number of pots and other gadgets to make cold brew – being coffee geeks we have one from Hario.

“However, you don’t really need any of them to start with, but can simply use a cafetière.

“Allow the coffee to brew overnight before plunging the filter in the mornings.

“Should you want to, you can further filter the coffee using a pour-over filter.”

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