Hostess' Limited-Edition Unicorn Cupcakes Are Here, And They're Adorable


The age of the unicorn is not over yet. The past several months have brought us unicorn ice cream, unicorn Funfetti mix, and unicorn baking morsels, and now that school is back in swing, the prismatic trend has expanded to Hostess-brand lunchbox treats. 

Hostess recently launched their newest product, limited-edition Hostess Unicorn Cupcakes, which are exclusively available at Walmart. The creme-filled yellow cupcakes are adorned with pink and purple bits, iced with teal and pink frosting, and dusted with purple sprinkles. Naturally, the box is covered in printed glitter. 

The boxes are available at Walmart and go for $2.97 for a pack of 8, and you might want to grab one before someone takes them all and upcharges them on Amazon. Looking for a homemade unicorn treat? Try our Unicorn Snack Bars or Unicorn Poop Bark. 

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