Greggs to bring back ‘life changing’ product to stores from tomorrow

Greggs often updates and changes its menu, ensuring that it meets customer demand. In recent months, the baked goods chain has listened to its consumers and has decided to bring back its popular vegetable bake.

The much-loved item will be available to buy in Greggs stores across the country from tomorrow, March 9.

The veggie bake contains a mixture of vegetables, herbs, spices, cheddar cheese, and chillies – all wrapped in Greggs’ iconic, flaky pastry.

At 426 calories, the bake is expected to cost £1.80 at most Greggs stores, but prices may vary depending on location.

The last time the pastry was on offer at Greggs’ branches was in August 2022, before it was discontinued – much to customers’ dismay.

At the time, and in the months that followed, Greggs lovers took to social media to express their disappointment that the bake was no longer available.

Many asked the fast food chain when it will be back in stock, with others begging the company to bring it back. Their wishes were eventually heard.

Just last month, Twitter user @roisiniebeanie wrote: “Listen, it’s been long enough. Greggs need to bring back the vegetable bake.”

User @eisfah said: “Greggs need to hurry up and bring back the vegetable bake.@GreggsOfficial you guys are losing so much money from me (which is good, but I want the bake).”

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User @EmersonLakin commented: “Greggs need to bring the vegetable bake back asap.”

Jane Pettifer tweeted: “@GreggsOfficial Please bring back the vegetable bake. Sick of going into Greggs and coming out empty handed.

“I hate all your other vegetarian options. The vegetable bakes were the best! Delicious! Can’t even seem to find them in Iceland now either.”

User @KenbakRBLX said: “I only used to go to Greggs for the vegetable bake or sweet potato bhaji salad – the local one now serves neither.”

User @bruh_Jamila wrote: “Greggs is at a huge loss for getting rid of their vegetable bake.”

User @twelvesoswald liked the vegetable bake so much when they tried it last year they tweeted: “The Greggs vegetable bake oh my god…my life has been changed.”

User @noorine___ loved it too. They added: “This vegetable bake from Greggs is underrated.”

Coinciding with the return of the bake, Greggs announced that it has plans for a 24-hour drive-thru service at some of its stores across the country.

But the company’s boss, Roisin Currie, hasn’t yet revealed where these drive-thrus will be located. Furthermore, the bakery chain said it expects to open 150 new stores this year after recording bumper profits in 2022.

Mamta Valechha, an equity research analyst, commented on Greggs’ end of year results, telling “For 2022, sales were up 17.8 percent, with the fourth quarter alone posting growth of 18.4 percent. Inflation did take its toll on profits, however, compared to the first half of the year, the deceleration was more contained given the price increases coming through.

“The business has seen a strong start to 2023 too, with sales climbing by 18.8 percent. Greggs commented that they anticipate cost inflation of nine to 10 percent for 2023, but while that number is high, the overall picture is improving with energy now hedged through to September.

“The early-evening traffic remains the fastest growing part of the business, and management now plans to extend opening hours in 300 shops to 9pm, as well as trialling 24-hour drive-thru shops.

“Management also continues to believe delivery is a viable longer-term opportunity, while Click and Collect will be a key focus in 2023 as Greggs seeks to become a full-service food retailer.”

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