Greggs doughnut hack to get ‘free’ sides – ‘How did I only just find o

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As well as its delicious offering of pasties and sandwiches, Greggs also has an array of dessert treats, including its much-loved yum yum. TikTok user Mollie Alyssa (@Molliealyssaxx) claims to have a hack which can take your yum yum experience to the next level.

She shared the fast food hack on TikTok, where the video has been liked 67.8k times at the time of writing and has been shared 675 times.

In the video, Mollie explained: “Greggs life hack. Ask for your yum yum hot and you get a free chocolate and salted caramel dip.”

She added: “How did I only just find out?”

Another TikTok user, Adonis Live (@adoniscrashboom), also put the hack to the test and explained exactly how to do it.

In his video, Adonis said: “Start by grabbing that sweet treat doughnut and give it to the cashier and ask for yum yum.

“They will chop it up and give you salted caramel dip and heat that doughnut up to a piping hot level that helps the dip caramelise onto the sweet treat.

But I must warn you, this dessert is very sweet and the doughnut comes very hot.”

@adoniscrashboom What do you think? #london #greggs #uk #londonhack #londonhacks #londonsecret #londonfood #londonfoodie #londonlife #adonislive #unitedkingdom #greggsyumyums ♬ original sound – Adonis Live

The hack caused some controversy in the comments, with some viewers refusing to believe the hack actually works.

Tegan Blondin said: “Surely this isn’t true they don’t even have hot sausage rolls these days.”

Greggs employee Liv added: “I work at Greggs and swear I’ve never heard of this lol.”

Despite this, others say they have tried the hack and that it worked for them.

A user named Rebekah G put the hack to the test and said: “The one in Birmingham’s Bullring do the hot yum yums and doughnuts I think after 4pm.”

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A Greggs spokesperson confirmed the hack does work at certain stores. They told “For those looking to try the Hot yum yums in store, customers can search for shops ‘open late’ on the Greggs Shop Finder at

“We’re excited to introduce a new twist on our yum yums, whether customers are team chocolate or salted caramel, we’re sure they will become a new favourite.”

Greggs is also offering customers who order through Just Eat to enjoy a yum yum for free.

The offer, which will run from Thursday, October 20 until Wednesday, November 23, means customers can indulge in a warming sweet treat as the UK heads into colder weather, alongside a tasty dipping sauce with a choice of either salted caramel or milk chocolate.

Usually £2.70 in shops, the deal is available exclusively on Just Eat and offers customers who spend £12.50 or more after 4pm a free serving of the new addition to the menu.

Greggs “most popular” menu items

Student publication The Tab put out a vote to its readers to determine which menu item is the nation’s “favourite”.

The classic sausage roll was crowned the number one staple item.

Here are the results of the vote:

  1. Classic sausage roll – 26 percent
  2. Vegan sausage roll – 23 percent
  3. Sausage, bean and cheese melt – 15 percent
  4. Steak bake – 14 percent
  5. Chicken bake – 10 percent
  6. Pizza slice – six percent
  7. Yum yum – three percent
  8. Cream eclair – two percent
  9. Pink jammy doughnut – one percent

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