Gordon Ramsay’s technique for ‘perfect soft-boiled eggs’

Gordon Ramsay shares cooking eggs tips for perfect ramen

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Gordon Ramsay has shared his quick and easy tips on how to make the perfect soft-boiled eggs. In the TikTok video, he explained his method on how to get your eggs perfectly “yolky” and “runny”.

Gordon Ramsay’s cooking video has gone viral on TikTok with just under eight million views, as the chef explains his tips on how “to make the perfect soft-boiled egg.” In the video, the celebrity chef explained that the first step is to simply “get them on a spoon and drop them in the water…and then bring that to a boil.”

He then tells the viewer it is important to not stir your eggs constantly. He said: “Don’t ball them ferociously, they’ll get that sort of black line around the outside.” Gordon then advised: “Boil them gently, as you want to boil that liquidy, sort of yolky bit in the middle.”

Six minutes later, Gordon Ramsay took his egg out of the pot and then placed them in a small bowl of water. He said: “Now, eggs take them out. I always like to put them into cold water first before I start peeling them.”

The celebrity chef then shared his “little trick” on how to easily peel the skin of an egg. He said: “Get the base, crack it and then steep it in water.”

He then proceeded to crack his eggs at the base but also had another unusual trick of blowing on the base of the egg before putting it back into the bowl of water.

After a few minutes of letting the eggs lay in the cold water, Gordon Ramsay then showed why his trick worked. The chef showed himself gently tapping the egg on a counter and then pulling the skin off.

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He said: “Tap, tap, tap, pull, pull, pull. Put it in the top of your hand and blow. From there, it should literally come off super quick.”

The chef then showed his final trick for getting rid of any remaining egg shell. He said: “Dip it back in the water for any excess shell,”

After that, Gordon Ramsay then cut into the egg and said “it should be slightly runny in the middle” and revealed the cooked soft-boiled egg which the chef said was perfectly “runny” and yolky”.

At the end of the video, Gordon Ramsay used his soft-boiled eggs to top off his ramen recipe, and in the caption of the video said: “Ramen needs perfectly yolky eggs to go with it.”

People in the comments said the egg trick looked “marvellous” and one person said: “I just did this for dinner tonight, thank you, Gordon Ramsay!”

Somebody else wrote: “I learned that egg trick from my uncle when I was a kid. Didn’t know it was a real chef technique, I just figured it was a hillbilly thing.” while another user said: “I usually cannot peel an egg to save my life, this video helped me a lot, thank you, Gordon Ramsay!”

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