Food secrets: Step to avoid when cooking chicken most people ignore -‘major health threat’

Holly and Phil in hysterics as This Morning chef stuffs a raw chicken

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The Channel 4 investigative documentary exposed some of the darkest secrets behind industrial chicken production in Britain.

Morland Sanders looked into the health impact of industrial chicken production in an undercover investigation.

He unveiled some of the supermarket chicken is in fact a source of dangerous bacteria despite retailers assuring it’s the safest option.

Shoppers will find some products in supermarkets have a red tractor logo on the label.

That is a product certification that assures food standards.

Organic and freshly produced supermarket foods will usually have the red tractor label.

The certification also ensures animal welfare has been protected during the production process.

However, when some red tractor label chicken from supermarkets were tested, it was found 80 percent could have been contaminated with faeces.

The analysis also showed almost half of the sample contained antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Doctor Lisa Avery, an environmental microbiologist at James Hutton Institute, explained that if you’ve eaten some chicken that had antibiotic-resistant bacteria there’s “a potential danger”.

That is because “you could possibly have an infection that may have some complications and you may need antibiotics to treat it;

“And those antibiotics may not work.”

She continued: “So is one of the most major threats to human health at the moment.

“Because we could end up living in an era where antibiotics no longer work and some very common infections could become untreatable.”

The doctor shared the steps Britons should always follow when cooking chicken at home.

Some basic rules include not washing the chicken, don’t let it touch anything apart from the pan and washing your hands after touching it. 

“Cook your food thoroughly but make sure you don’t wash your chicken,” she said.

“You should take it from the package straight to the pan and wash your hands.

“And don’t touch any other surfaces in the meantime,” the doctor explained.

Following the instructions in food labels also reduces the risk from all bacteria.

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