Everyone on TikTok Is Making White Claw Slushies — Here's How to Do It

White Claw Slushies on TikTok

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At this point during social distancing, we’re all looking for creative ways to easily entertain ourselves. So naturally, people are making White Claw slushies.

The trend took off on the popular app TikTok after film producer Julia Abner posted a recipe video showing her followers how to “enhance” their White Claw using just vodka and frozen berries. The TikTok quickly went viral, garnering 1.5 million views and 335,000 likes in just over two weeks. Soon enough, countless people began recreating her recipe and posting their own versions online — one person even used sugar rims for her glasses.

“Take that ‘white girl’ White Claw, open it right up, and you’re just gonna pour, pour, pour,” Abner said in a humorous, explicit voiceover before pouring in Tito’s Vodka and jokingly counting all the way to 14. “Now blend, blend, blend,” she added.


People are also using White Claw to make other fun concoctions. Cocktail maker Armeta Sidhu, also known as @spritzandspice on TikTok, has been using the hard seltzer brand to make drinks like margaritas and gin & tonic cocktails.

To make the margarita, she used a Tangerine White Claw and then poured in ice, tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice, and agave before straining the mix and serving.

For the gin & tonic, she filled a glass with ice and added gin, elderflower liqueur, and Natural Lime White Claw in addition to garnishing the drink with a slice of lime. You can check out her other White Claw recipes on her TikTok.

White Claw drink videos aren’t the only recipes going viral during this period of self-isolation. Videos of Dalgona — a frothy, creamy coffee drinkthat originates in South Korea — have been going viral and inspiring people to get busy in the kitchen. People are also going crazy for easy recipes showing how to make homemade crème brûlée, Greek yogurt bagels, and even banana bread with very few ingredients.

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