Ever Wanted to Eat Hot Chocolate? These Cookies Mean You Can


Nothing pairs with a snowy day quite like a cup of hot cocoa. For some reason, we’ve all just kind of decided that cold, wintry weather means it’s totally acceptable for children and adults of all ages to essentially drink a cup full of melted chocolate. 

Regardless, cocoa lovers can surely rejoice at the sight of these new Pillsbury cookies, which should go down as the perfect complement for the ideal blizzard beverage. 


Pillsbury Hot Cocoa cookie dough is back for the winter! This is definitely one of the better break and bake cookie dough varieties on the market. Found it at Hy-Vee.

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Spotted by Instagrammer/snack sleuth @CandyHunting, this limited-edition bag of break and bake goodness consists of chocolate cookie dough, chocolate chips, and, fittingly enough, little baked-in bits of marshmallows that really unite the whole experience. 

As the whole “break and bake” name implies, you don’t really have to be some kind of celebrity chef to turn this package of dough into twelve cookies. Literally just take them out of the bag, put them on a cookie sheet, turn on the oven, and make sure your home doesn’t burn down in the process. If you’re going to be stuck inside enjoying these on a cold winter’s day, it doesn’t sound like that should be too tough. 

So if you’ve ever wondered what dunking a cookie that tastes like hot cocoa into a cup of hot cocoa, the moment of snacktime inception is at hand. You’ll find this seasonal offering on sale at places like Walmart (and Hy-Vee) for around $2.50, giving you almost no excuse not to turn your snow day into a great winter bake-off. 

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