Easter eggs TESTED: Tesco and Lidl chocolate up against Waitrose, Lindt and Hotel Chocolat

From chocolate shops to supermarkets, Easter eggs are no doubt in abundance at the moment. And, while Easter may still be several weeks away, it seems that many of these chocolate treats have been flying off the shelves. This year, some stores such as Tesco have decided to slash the prices on some of their range of cocoa products for a limited time. But, it’s not just price which Britons will consider when buying an Easter egg – with the size, aroma, texture and quality of egg coming into play.

The best Easter egg of 2019 will depend on a whole host of things – with your tastebuds likely to have a huge role in the overall decision.

But, in order to give you some guidance on buying chocolate treats this spring, Express.co.uk has gathered a team of judges to give their verdict on some of the top Easter eggs out there this year.

Hotel Chocolat Extra-Thick Rocky Road 500g, £27

Flavour: 26/30 Texture: 26/30 Aroma: 21/30

A gourmet egg not quite like no other, this egg was a hit amongst a number of judges.

Split into two half shells, this rocky road-inspired treat is a premium pick which comes with a number of flavoursome treats.

And, while the judges swooned over the thick and creamy texture, it was the extra thick shell which really stood out.

Deluxe Golden Sculpture Egg, Lidl 280g, £12.99

Flavour: 6/30 Texture: 11/30 Aroma: 9/30

A combination of gin and sweet Prosecco, this “Ginsecco” infusion could be a unique choice for those who fancy a tipple with their chocolate.

And, while it’s not the typical egg shape, it was suggested that this could be a “nice present idea”.

Tesco Finest Free From Belgian Dark Chocolate Egg 200g, £6.50

Flavour: 13.5/30 Texture: 14/30 Aroma: 15/30

Vegan friendly and exclusive to Tesco, this deluxe egg comes with five hand crafted chocolate truffles.

And, while it may have deluxe presentation, it can be picked up for a bargain price – compared to its competitors with a similar calibre.

The Easter egg taste test saw Tesco eggs go up against Hotel Chocolat and Waitrose

Lir Chocolate’s Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg, available at selected Tesco stores 245g, £12

Flavour: 22/30 Texture: 2216/30 Aroma: 18/30

A brand new Easter egg from Irish chocolatiers Lir, this lesser known choice picked up some good feedback.

One judge, for instance, noted its “nice, classic taste” – insisting that the flavour “wasn’t too sweet”.

Baileys Chocolate Egg 285g, prices start at £10

Flavour: 18/30 Texture: 20/30 Aroma: 16/30

This chocolate egg not only comes with Baileys chocolates, but the hollow milk chocolate egg has been infused with the flavoursome taste of the drink too.

It was a hit amongst the majority of judges, largely for it’s “creamy” texture and “instant, recognisable flavour”.

This egg is available in a whole host of supermarkets, including ASDA, Tesco, and Waitrose.

The Best Ruby Egg, Morrisons 325g £10

Flavour: 12/30 Texture: 16/30 Aroma: 12/30

Adorned with roasted pistachios, caramelised hazelnut nibs, candied orange peel and dried raspberries, the Ruby Chocolate egg was a strong contender in the texture round.

It scored highly when it came to aroma too, as this raspberry-flavoured egg “smells quality”, one critic said.

Waitrose 1 Caramel Chocolate Golden Easter Egg 135g, £10

Flavour: 12/30 Texture: 14/30 Aroma: 7.5/30

While it may not necessarily be egg shaped, it was certainly a large helping of chocolate.

This caramel egg divided judges over the sweet taste, although another taste tester noted that it was “soft, with a nice bite”.

Reese’s Chocolate Egg, Tesco 232g, £6

Flavour: 17/30 Texture: 17/30 Aroma: 12/30

Peanut butter-infused chocolate could be yours this Easter, with Tesco exclusively selling the Reese’s Chocolate Egg.

At £6 for one of £8 for two from April 1, this nutty choice comes in at the lower end of the scale – and includes three Reese’s Crème Eggs.

Chocolate Avocado, Waitrose 250g, £8

Flavour: 19/30 Texture: 19/30 Aroma: 10/30

The avocado is a staple for many people when it comes to brunch, but now, Waitrose have taken the look of the tasty fruit and transformed it into chocolate – which is no doubt what makes this offering stand out on the shelves.

Green and brown in design, this egg resembles the inner half of an avocado – but rather than the fruit, it has a prominent taste of dark chocolate.

Kinder Surprise Powerpuff Girls or Kinder Surprise Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Egg 220g, £15

Flavour: 15/30 Texture: 13/30 Aroma: 18/30

From easter bunny options to easter egg hunt kits, Kinder have plenty on offer this Easter.

At the top of the range, the two themed 220g Eggs comes complete with a large toy inside the egg – which may make it a top choice for little ones.

Lindt Lindor Milk and Assorted 215g, £8

Flavour: 20/30 Texture: 19/30 Aroma: 15/30

This gifting egg from Lindt comes with 94.5 per cent less plastic than last year, as well as a large helping of the tasty mini eggs.

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