DJ Khaled's Restaurant Is Headed to Chicago

DJ Khaled’s Miami soul food restaurant has been so successful, he’s opening … another one. (Sorry about that).

Khaled opened The Licking four years ago in the Miami Gardens neighborhood to “give underserved African-American communities a quality spot to eat near their homes,” according to Eater Chicago. Since then, he’s launched three more locations in the Miami area.

Now, the rapper-turned-restaurateur is expanding his business outside of Florida—in Chicago, specifically.

THIS SATURDAY!!! Grand Opening!!! The Licking CHICAGO!!!!

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“I feel it’s needed, Hyde Park has a bunch of offerings, and so does the South Side,” Marketing director BeNda World said to Power 92 radio. “So we want to bring jobs and create those things for that sector that didn’t have it.”

Though its name is a bit odd (it was originally called Finga Licking, but was changed because of obvious KFC-related reasons), The Licking’s menu actually looks amazing.

We’re most intrigued by the restaurant’s “Famous Mystery Drink.” Just look at it:

THIRSTY?? STOP BY ?The Licking add an Ice cold Mystery drink to ur meal #createurplate #FINGALICKING??#miami#foodie#instagood ?? #pullup#howdoyouwantit #wtf#where'sthefood#fie #lobster#mobster ?#friedchicken

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The Licking is open now at 5045 West Madison Street. You might want to be prepared for a line, though—the wait was reportedly as long as 45 minutes last week.

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