Dairy Queen Is Doing 80-Cent BOGO Blizzards for Its 80th Birthday


As you may have recently heard, Dairy Queen has plans to launch a delightful-looking Cotton Candy Dipped Cone later in March. But if you’re a fan of its spiritual predecessor the Cotton Candy Blizzard, you should also know that DQ also has a pretty big celebration planned in that regard.

In honor of Dairy Queen’s 80th birthday, Blizzard fans can BOGO to their heart’s delight, thanks to a special, limited-time offer that lets you buy one Blizzard and get a second for just 80cents (get it?).


It’s our 80th Birthday, but you get the gift! BOGO 80¢ BLIZZARD Treats now through March 15th. #HappyTastesGood

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Starting right now through March 15, you can cash in with one of 15 different Blizzard flavors. Yes, the Mint Oreo Blizzard, March’s Blizzard of the month, is also on the table.

Is March the best time to order a Blizzard? It’s not that warm out yet, so you might want to keep that fleece on before you tuck in. But when you can double down on DQ’s signature treat for less than a buck, there’s never been a more cost-effective way to give yourself a tasty version of brain freeze.

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Even better, you can actually share these things with a friend. If you’re like me and you have a weirdly high amount of friends born in the first half of March, this is the easiest, cheapest no-brainer birthday gift you could possibly offer them. You can even pretend you’re giving them a full-priced Blizzard. Your secret is safe with me.


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