Costco Now Sells Microwavable Bowls of Panera Mac and Cheese


To paraphrase a recent viral Tweet, Panera is a fast casual chain that people can go to when they feel like they feel like treating themselves. While nothing can quite replicate the thrill of feeling that buzzer go off when your bread bowl of mac and cheese is ready, a newly-spotted item at Costco would seem to offer what might just be the next best thing.

According to an Instagram post from Costco product hunter @CostcoGuy4U, it looks like you can now buy a box of single-serving, microwavable Panera mac and cheese bowls from the famous bulk retailer.

Hot & New Item #913084 PANERA Mac & Cheese4/10oz Containers $9.99Just heat & serveFreezable

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Each box includes four individual bowls of decadent Panera mac and cheese, which is comprised of “tender shell pasta perfectly nestled in our signature blend of creamy cheese sauce and tangy Vermont white cheddar cheese,” according to its product description. When you put it that way, it sure sounds superior to the (still pretty good) single-serving bowls of Easy Mac you’re probably used to picking up on your Costco runs.

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Of course, no product like this is perfect. It’s worth pointing out that each $9.99 box only features four bowls of mac and cheese, which means it’ll only last real Panera-heads about a week before they’ll need to restock. These things also don’t come in a bread bowl, which is surely a bummer for those who like to eat their carbs out of carbs. You can also make your own bread bowl with a little effort, so not all hope is lost on that front.

Still, if you’ve been craving some ooey, gooey Panera mac & cheese but don’t feel like driving out to a strip mall or placing a delivery order, this Costco find can surely do the trick. So head to Costco, load up your trunk with this stuff, and enjoy some of the greatest on-demand, microwavable mac & cheese that money can buy.


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