Cold Brew Coffee: Now in Vodka Form

Who doesn’t love cold brew? It tastes far superior to the stuff some barista left out all day before shoving it in the fridge and calling it “iced coffee.” And with cold brew, you can chug down an entire cup without maiming your esophagus like regular hot coffee! Meanwhile, who doesn’t love vodka? It’s the spirit with all the benefits of grain alcohol without any of the guilt! Now, Skyy has merged these two beverages into one potentially brunch-wrecking concoction: Skyy Infusions Cold Brew Coffee vodka.

Skyy explains that this new 70-proof vodka is “infused with Arabica coffee beans, capturing the fantastically mild, sweet and less bitter coffee taste that people crave with cold brew.” As a result, it can be “enjoyed on the rocks, in coffee-inspired cocktails, or as a twist on a classic favorite, like the Skyy Martini,” the brand writes. (Whether it contains any caffeine isn’t mentioned though it seems doubtful that this drink will get you wired.) Additionally, amazingly, a 750-milliliter bottle has a suggested retail price of just $13.99 — meaning you’ll spend less partying on the weekend than you did staying caffeinated with actual cold brew all workweek long.

This new cold brew vodka is apparently available now to retailers and bars nationwide — but for a limited time only. That means don’t get too attached to having your cold brew infused into your vodka for you. Thankfully, however, spiked cold brew already exists for those who prefer their cold brew with a bit of alcohol instead of their alcohol with a bit of cold brew. Not that I’m judging either way. Let’s be honest: You were probably going to drink both booze and cold brew at some point during your day; these kinds of drinks just streamline the process. And isn’t increasing your efficiency the whole reason you drink cold brew to begin with?

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